Why go for TRE?

TRE (Trauma/Tension Release Exercise), for the effective relief of stress and tension

We are all affected by stress, tension and trauma in one way or another. It is part of life, isn’t it?  How we perceive and respond to stressful experiences will have a direct impact on the quality of our health and on our lives in general.

By reducing stress and tension levels within the body, healing occurs on many different levels – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

What is TRE therapy?                                                        

TRE therapy refers to a series of exercises that help the body rid itself of stress in the form of deep muscular tension caused by short/long term stress or traumatic experiences. These stress relief exercises achieve this by encouraging the body to tremor. Tremoring refers to the controlled shaking or vibrating of the body that relieves tension and stress, returning the body back to a balanced state.

Reasons why you would want to do TRE:

  • You will feel calmer and find inner peace
  • You will feel a deeper awareness and connection to yourself
  • Your sleep patterns change for the better
  • You will learn to manage your own stress and anxiety
  • It will reduce physical pain
  • You will be less self-conflicted, allowing your relationships to thrive
  • You will experience improved focus and concentration
  • Symptoms of PTSD will be reduced
  • You will learn to heal old wounds
  • It assists in the improvement of chronic conditions
  • You will experience decreased symptoms of vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue. Ideal for doctors/therapists/counsellors/coaches/nurses

Frequently asked questions on TRE

It is important to work with a TRE practitioner – why?

The TRE process can be intense and somewhat overwhelming for some people. I strongly advise working with a TRE practitioner until you are familiar with how your body responds to this process and have learnt how to self-regulate it. This is especially important for people who are struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and those who feel that they have deep emotional traumas.

Where do I begin?   

After first sharing some background information and having the process explained, you will be guided through seven simple exercises to evoke your body’s natural tremoring mechanism. If you have any physical limitations the exercises can be modified. During the tremoring process you will be shown how to self-regulate and how to come out of the process should you feel any form of discomfort. It is important that you first become confident with both the exercises and the actual tremoring process before you try it on your own. The time this takes will vary from person to person.

How long does each session take? 

The exercises take about 15 minutes once you are familiar with them. The actual tremoring itself can take as long as you feel comfortable with. Most people tremor for between 15 to 30 minutes. It is important to always listen and honour what feels right for your body.

How often should I practice TRE?  

If you don’t have any adverse reactions to the TRE therapy when you first start, you should be practicing at least every second day for the first three months. After that, you can reduce the frequency to every three days or twice a week. If you do TRE less than that, your body will once again begin to accumulate stress and begin to tighten up. Once your body has learnt to “switch on” the tremoring mechanism you will tremor whenever you need to release stress.

What time of the day is ideal?

The time of day that you choose to do TRE depends on how your body responds to the tremors. Some people find TRE calming and do the exercises in the evenings whereas others find them energizing and do them in the morning.

How long do I need to carry on with TRE®?

As long as you are alive you should be able to tremor. Tremoring is a natural instinctive mechanism designed to relieve stress. Once life’s traumas and deep tensions have subsided (this usually takes around three to six months of doing TRE every second day) your body will begin to produce a very fine tremor that feels like a pleasant vibration.  You may find that your body spontaneously starts to tremor whenever it needs to.

What is the purpose of these tremors?   

Tremoring is an organic, inbuilt mechanism designed to release the huge energetic charge that builds up in the body during the instinctual “fight, flight or freeze” response to overwhelming stress and trauma.

Like other mammals, when we are frightened or experience trauma, our instinct is to shake and tremor, but over time, most of us have been conditioned to block this very necessary healing mechanism. How often have we experienced a situation where someone is shaking after a very stressful or traumatic experience and hearing, “just pull yourself together”, or “have a drink to calm your nerves”, or even given a tranquillizer to stop the shaking? This natural tremoring response is often perceived as a sign of weakness, so we have learnt to suppress it, thereby blocking the body’s instinctive stress-releasing mechanism, protecting us from the long term damage caused by trauma.

TRE – a gift to learn from.
When you are conditioned to process your stress and trauma in an integrated approach like TRE, which includes the body, mind, emotions and spirit, you grow to embrace the trauma, thereby transcending it in the process. The trauma then becomes an incredible learning experience that enriches your whole life.

For more information: 

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Pilates is a form of exercise that helps promote and improve physical strength, posture, body sensing, mindful movements, muscular endurance, balance and flexibility.


TRE is a series of exercises that help the body relieve itself from deep muscular tension, trauma and stress.