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Marléne is a life coach who has coached and trained hundreds of people through their own journey of mental and physical discovery and transformation. She is also a TRE practitioner, a Pilates & Callanetics instructor, facilitator and trainer, and with years of experience behind her, she founded Self & More in 2011.

During her lifetime, Marléne’s has gained over 33 years of experience in the corporate and physical fitness fields. This, together with her half a decade of life experience and personal experiences, has allowed her to refine her skills as a coach and physical fitness professional. She can assist people from all walks of life, all ages, circumstances  as individuals and within groups. The fundamental approach of her program is to obtain the client’s acceptance that the responsibility for change lies with them mentally, physically and emotionally.

She has been in the depth of depression and hopelessness herself, which allows her to empathise with her clients and share with them how changing your mind changes your life. She has been in the position where everything hurt so much that the emotional and physical pain engulfed her and kept on drawing more and more pain into her life.  Having been abused in the past, she had learned how to become the abuser to protect herself.  Fortunately, she realised how low she had dipped in time to still make choices to change her life. Her choices were to end this life, or take the reins back into her own hands to empower herself, instead of withdrawing. She now lives a life of awareness of her own reality and acceptance that things will and do change. It all starts with a thought. This has been the reason for her journey along the path of guiding and supporting others to find their own truth and strength, learning to let the stress and tension go and to become more self-aware.

Self & More programs equip clients with tools to be able to immediately implement change and to enable them to self-maintain this change afterwards. These programs help clients break through the emotional barriers that cause them to resist change, while also making them aware of all the possibilities out there.  She empowers them to take steps to capitalize on their strengths in order to reach their goals, be present in their own lives and hold themselves accountable. A strong undertone of the programs lies in teaching clients to keep their focus and to recognize and reward their own achievements.

The length of the coaching program varies from client to client, however the average is 16 hours, consisting of 1 to 2 hour sessions per week. Tension/Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) involve a minimum of 7 sessions, which normally occur in consecutive weeks. Exercise group and Private classes min 60 mins.

Marléne’s style of coaching is very personal, relaxed, nurturing yet it is disciplined enough to encourage clients to feel safe enough to be vulnerable and push through their barriers to find the empowerment beyond.

The first thing clients can expect is her friendly smile and willingness to meet the client where they are at in their lives and to guide them with empathy to where they want to be.

Are you ready to take the first step towards change in your life?  Would it be fair to say now is a good time to reach out and find out more?

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