Trauma release can be a pleasant experience

Trauma release can be a pleasant experience

The title of this article is in no way intended to sound flippant or underestimate the kind of emotional pain that various levels of trauma can inflict. However as is testified to in this article, trauma release can also be an experience that is pleasant and highly constructive and need not always be the arduous process that many seem to think it is.

In a previous article I spoke about TRE and this is one of the ways I believe one can experience gradual trauma release in a not unpleasant way. In that article I explained that TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises) is an innovative, effective series of exercises that assist the body to release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. It is a great stand-alone therapy and also enhances other stress relief practices like Yoga, Mindfulness and meditation.


Another process I practice that TRE couples well with is QEC or Quantum Energy Coaching. The essence of this is that we do not perform to our capabilities, but to what we believe we are capable of. We are therefore only as much as what we believe.

These beliefs are mostly harboured in the subconscious mind and so with QEC, we access limiting thoughts and change them at a subconscious level to free ourselves up to be aligned with constructive conscious goals.

I make mention of this because it is mentioned in the description of the TRE session as one of the methods that help us to experience a rise in consciousness.

The TRE workshop

A TRE workshop usually comprises a minimum of 5 sessions and is available at a very reasonable fee if the full workshop is booked in advance. Obviously trauma release is a process and not a quick fix and hence the encouragement to do the full 5 sessions.

I have been pleasantly surprised however at how beneficial even one session can be and at this point I think it prudent to let a newcomer to the class, a male who has recently experienced the trauma of moving cities after many years and then a divorce, explain his first experience in his own words…

Trauma release can be a pleasant experience

“I must be honest, I had made the decision to attend a TRE session with some trepidation, as I had really expected a kind of emotional breakdown to ensue after a long psychological grilling. Even though I was aware that it was a series of exercises that induced a muscular sensation in the body to release stress, I was wary that with a history of epilepsy I may go into some sort of out of control trance.

This could not have been further from the truth and Marlene, after a brief non-intrusive interview to ascertain my general medical condition, assured me that I would be in control at all times and she would be there to assist should I have any discomfort during the process.

I found her from the beginning of the session to be a calming and re-assuring facilitator of the process throughout. I had come into the session after a not particularly good night’s sleep feeling somewhat ‘fuzzy,’ but my apprehensions had already been dissolved and I quickly began to relax.

As we sat comfortably on our yoga mats we chatted about previous experiences and our feelings at the time. There was a senses of comradery in the room. Only a few people can attend and so it was cosy and intimate. 

Marlene then explained the ‘layers’ of trauma that are released through methods like TRE and QEC, using a chart to show the progress one can achieve from an absolute ‘frozen’ state, through a ‘flight or fight’ state of emotions like shame, guilt and grief – towards an improved state of pride, courage and acceptance – to finally achieve a state of love, joy and gratitude and ultimately excitement.

Now we were taken through a grounding process, to ensure we were in tune with our bodies and then a few very gentle exercises, just readying the body for the TRE exercises to come. Marlene now ensures that the class understand the process and shows us all how to do a ‘control’ movement if we at any time wish to stop the exercises.

The TRE exercises themselves were very simple and as one begins to feel the gentle vibrations running through parts of the body as you relax completely Marlene is at all times there. She goes from student to student, always re-assuring and ascertaining one’s comfort level.

At one brief stage, due to a personal neck injury, I felt a little muscular twinge and she was immediately there making the correct adjustment for me and remaining until I was again comfortable.

Without question, after a short period of dozing, to attain a level of total relaxation, I felt revived and totally calm. The TRE experience was for me one that I thoroughly enjoyed and do believe it can be of great benefit to anyone in a stressed condition.”

In Summary

My thanks to that student’s contribution and testimony. I hope it gives you an idea of what a TRE session actually feels like and convinces you that trauma release can be a pleasant experience.

Contact me to find out as much as you need to know about the various disciplines that Self and More facilitate- and begin your journey to discover your full potential today!

A Soul Plan reading – and its benefits!

A Soul Plan reading – and its benefits!

I wrote just little while ago about ‘Soul Plan’ – what it is and how it is connected to your name and origins.

For those who may have missed the article, what’s in a name? – could be your Soul Plan! – in essence your birth name and even name changes are all linked to the worldly challenges you will face and your personal talents. By recognising these challenges you utilise you greatest talents and can better assess the goals you should be setting for yourself.

I also looked into who most benefits from a Soul Plan reading and gave you some background on its origins. Assuming I perked your interest, this article takes a look at the more practical side of investing in a Soul Plan – the reading itself and the numerous benefits that can be derived from this reading once it has been done.

The Soul Plan reading process

Prior to the reading, I require your full original names as stated on your Birth certificate. I also need permission from you for me to perform it, as it requires delving into aspects of your past – obviously only from an origination of your name aspect, I’m not a private investigator!

Now some extra time on my side comes in, as the Soul Plan reading process is applied to your name, the Soul Plan chart prepared and I conduct an intuitive review.

Next, either online or in person, we meet to review the Soul Plan together. A recorded version of this is advisable as there is a lot if information to discuss and advice given to you during the reading. I can provide that at a small additional cost.

What’s in the reading?

The Soul Plan reading includes a full analysis of your life in terms of talents, goals, potential, lessons to be learned and obstacles to overcome. Advice is given on the ways to overcome the challenges that face you and help you to achieve your potential goals,

The awesome discovery of your full life potential is often a life changing moment and it is not uncommon for recipients of the reading to experience massive shifts in their lives and circumstances!

What are the benefits?

This is the part that makes my job as the facilitator of Soul Plan readings so rewarding, as the potential benefits are numerous and impressive.

There is often a powerful transformation when pointing to, analysing and healing obstacles and redundant blockages that may lie in one’s path. This opens the way to a clearer future journey.

When clarity is obtained on what may have been just vaguely suspected talents and abilities, a new path is set and actioned, as it is now one of attaining a whole new life’s purpose. 

Now, with a better understanding of your past actions and short comings, you are able to access yourself on a new, clearer, ’Soul’ level. You can accelerate your healing and boost purposeful change and future growth.

By activating your newly discovered unique abilities and potential, your role in life is understood and your true ‘Soul Plan’ revealed to you. A clearer path to sought after, attainable goals, leads to a life of meaning and purpose.

Let me help

I hope you will allow me to introduce and facilitate a soul Plan reading and its benefits to you. I know that it can only help you to find a clearer path forward.

The reading can be done both online and personally with me and as there is a fair amount of my time involved (usually over 3 hrs) the fee is R1,200. When you know of the full benefits, you’ll understand that it is money well invested in yourself and living to your full potential. The time of the reading itself is 60 to 90 minutes.

My business, Self and More, is my own Soul Plan, a lifelong dedication to unleashing the full potential in every human being on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I hope that you will connect with me to assist you to do this. I look forward to it.

Is TRE the best kept trauma release solution secret?

Is TRE the best kept trauma release solution secret?

TRE, now a fairly commonly used and quite well known practice for the release of trauma in many other parts of the world, has for some reason not taken off in South Africa in the same way. This begs the question for me “Is TRE the best kept trauma release solution secret?”

What is TRE?

Well, before I answer and before I get ahead of myself, for the uninitiated, I should just summarise what TRE is. Trauma and Tension Release Exercises is the full description and it is an innovative, effective series of exercises that assist the body to release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. It is a great stand-alone therapy and also enhances other stress relief practices like Yoga, Mindfulness and meditation.

TRE activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating to release muscular tension and calm the nervous system. Created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, it is practiced by professional facilitators like my company Self and More in a safe and controlled environment. The mind and body return back to a state of balance and are reconnected, as when one is in the fetal position.

What are the myths?

There seem to be myths surrounding TRE though and a general misunderstanding of what it is and how it works – so what are some of these?

It’s sold incorrectly – Unfortunately TRE is badly represented online and is sold as a type of exercise program – or at least that’s what people think it is. Of course it is not a physical exercise program at all.

Lack of understanding – Following on from this, because of the misconception of what it is, many don’t even understand its many benefits. These are numerous and in future articles I will be describing them in more detail.

It’s thought of as an expensive fitness class – Again following on from the first point, as it is seen as an exercise program the cost is considered to be high. It is actually a neurologically based practice created by a physician and therefore a certain amount of training and expertise needs to go into its execution.

Unfortunately, like many modern revolutionary practices, it is not recognised by certain bodies and therefore not covered by medical aids. Nevertheless the cost is very reasonable if practiced in a group format, which I do facilitate and of course it’s a more expensive if delivered on a one on one basis. The benefits of that however are relevant to the increased cost.

You don’t need to be fit – Once again, due to the misconception about the fitness class, it is believed that you may need to have a certain level of physical fitness or body shape to be a recipient of its benefits. This is absolutely untrue and TRE is practiced even by disabled people, so don’t let anything stop you. If there is any reason at all for you not to enjoy the relief of TRE, I will be able to advise you accordingly.

In conclusion I return to the question, “Is TRE the best kept trauma release solution secret?” – Yes I think it is and it’s a shame because its benefits go far beyond what I have been able to include here. I will do so in future articles though and run you through a typical TRE session, so watch this space.

Let’s talk

Contact me and let’s talk about any other questions you may have relating to TRE and how you could benefit from it. With this, or any of the other four practices Self and More facilitate relating to self-improvement (both physical and mental), self-awareness and trauma release, I can best help you if I know yours or your business’ specific requirements. I look forward to connecting with you!

What’s in name? – could be your soul plan!

What’s in name? – could be your soul plan!

When William Shakespeare, the great poetic playwright, begged the question’ “what’s in a name?” I doubt that he realised just how deep that question was and how well used the phrase has become.

I especially doubt that the character of Romeo had Juliette’s ‘Soul plan’ in mind. Of course not. He was simply asking why we place such significance in a name. After all “A rose by any other name would smell a sweet!”

Well, as it turns out there is, according to those who practice ‘Soul plan,’ very great significance in your birth name and even in name changes. These are all linked to the worldly challenges you will face and your personal talents. By recognising these challenges you utilise you greatest talents and can better assess the goals you should be setting for yourself.

A soul plan reading uses the sound vibration and intention behind naming to determine a person’s entire ‘Soul Plan.’ Working with many people who have or are facing traumatic experiences, or simply wanting to find more meaning in life, I have found Soul plan to be a useful and fascinating addition to my practice.

Who needs it?

I tend to ask these questions when assessing who would most benefit from a Soul plan reading:

Do you know your life purpose?

Do you feel you have lost direction in life?
 Are you still searching?
 Do you have a sense there is something more for you in this life?

If any of these questions resonate with you, you could possibly benefit from a Soul plan reading. It works on both the conscious and unconscious level and not only uncovers challenges and talents, but its benefits are far deeper. It can bring a recipient a greater sense of freedom and connection and it heals and clears redundant blockages.

Where does it originate?

As esoteric as it may sound, there are solid historical origins to the practice. It was formulated from the ancient texts of the Zohar and the Sefer Yetzirah which explores the possibility that reality is derived from sound, letter and word.

A method of gematria, channelled by Dr Frank Alper 1930-2007 in his ‘Spiritual Numerology of Moses’ work, is also included. These interpretations have now been modernised and expanded by the world renowned Soul plan practitioner Blue Marsden. Marsden has also channelled additional material which highlights the theme of non-duality.

Seek professional guidance – on or offline  

I have really just introduced the concept at this juncture and subsequent articles will look at these readings in more detail – and more of the benefits of this rather unique and fascinating practice.

I do suggest that you do it with the guidance of a practitioner like myself, as the readings are somewhat complex. I do readings in person as part of my practice, but the good news is that readings can even be done online from anywhere in the world, without me being physically with you.

Visit my website to learn more about the many facets of self-improvement and trauma recovery that Self and More offer – or contact me to have a one on one discussion about your or your business’ particular needs.  

Until next time, take care of yourself and wear your name proudly – it could be your Soul plan!




Hello there ….

Could you grab 5 mins a pen and paper and work through the following

What is it that you value in your relationship?  I am guessing  most people would say love and/or trust.

There are loads of other dynamics in relationships – platonic or intimate  ….here are some more …..I am sure you could make a list of your own too

  • Respect;
  • Loyalty;
  • Emotional connection;
  • Physical connection;
  • Support – on any or all levels;
  • Transparency;
  • Communication;
  • Accountability
  • Fun
  • Acknowledgement
  • Growth

Which of these elements stands out for you specifically?    What about it is important to you?

Choose one or two.

Then place them in the hierarchy of importance to you …………

The next step is up to you …..if you feel that the above elements are not present in your relationships and you  would like to make changes so that they do….give me a call …setup an appointment to explore the subject further

The relationship starts with you

Send you love and light as always



Here we are, at that time of the year once again.

Here we are, at that time of the year once again.

Wow! I cannot believe that it is this time of the year again. This year has been filled with so, so much that I am not sure where to start. Let me say that I have lived in a year were I can stand back in awe and gratitude for all I have received…so many blessings.

Some have been gift wrapped with intrigue and seemed almost like a treasure hunt on a dangerous terrain. Because of that, I had to shed some of the burden I was carrying and had to work a little harder than normal to find the gifts – some were blatantly obvious and were delivered upfront – and some came wrapped in love and warmth.

Allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to accept who I really am and truly feel those emotions I had buried so deeply, all the while admitting to myself where I am really at and to make significant changes – as some of you know I have done – is what I am most grateful for.

So I would not have had any of this without all of you. THANK YOU from the depths of my heart to each and everyone of you for your strength and bravery in your own journeys, as you have inspired me on such a deep level.  May you and your loved ones experience the true gift of love and nurturing throughout the holidays.

I am looking forward to continuing our journey together in what already looks like a whirlwind-bound-to-be-awesome 2019.

Love and light, as always,


Do we really listen to one another?

Do we really listen to one another?

Isn’t it true that – at some stage – we are all guilty of not listening? We have all experienced talking to someone who is clearly not listening, even when they are looking directly at us. Do we tune out? We attempt to multi-task between “listening”, texting or watching TV; that inevitably means that we are not listening when others are talking to us.

Does this sound familiar?

The Art of Listening is, in fact, a skill. That is actually good news, because it means that we can learn to listen – and be present – when the person is talking to us. And, it may be useful to know some of the reasons why we don’t listen. Here are few of the more common ones:

  • the person you are speaking to would rather do the talking – their need is greater right now;
  • Distraction. Imagine this: we can talk at 200-250 words per minute but think at 300-350. It is very easy then, when we are talking, for the other person to get distracted by their own thoughts, rehearsing in their mind what they want to say, and waiting for a gap in the conversation to get their point across;
  • the topic simply does not interest them; or
  • an emotional response could be triggered in them around the topic and they are lost in their own thoughts, or attempting to control their reaction towards you.

Do any of these ring true for you? Would you like to learn to be more present in a situation and really listen – and read when others aren’t – and how to manage that for yourself?

We have one mouth and two ears; therefore the gold is in listening twice as much as we speak.

Kind regards,


What if your fairy godmother were whispering to you from the future?

What if your fairy godmother were whispering to you from the future?

And what if the fairy godmother whispering to you, that voice you are hearing, was actually your wisest, smartest version of yourself?

Maybe, she would be saying, this National Woman’s month:

“Stop treating yourself as an afterthought. Eat delicious food, walk in the sunshine, jump in the ocean. Speak the truth you are carrying in your heart like a hidden treasure. Be silly, be kind, be weird. There is no time for anything else.”

And gentlemen, if the voice is coming to you, you may hear it reminding you to respect the women in your life because:

“You can feel her innocence in the form of a daughter, her care in the form of a sister. You can feel her warmth in the form of a friend and her passion in the form of a beloved. You can feel her dedication in the form of a wife, her divinity in the form of a mother and her blessing in the form of a grandmother.”

Ladies, stand up, today and every day as you speak your truth. Gentlemen, stand alongside the ladies in your life and allow them to speak their truth.

Kind regards,