Why go for coaching?

During a recent interview by Stella WaAfrika on Hashag# Radio, the first question she posed to Marléne was what is “life coaching”, what does it entail, and who needs it?

Marléne’s response was that coaching is about guiding clients through the experience of finding out who they really are and to assist them in tapping into their own potential. For some people it is the first time that they actually realise what they have going for them and how much they themselves have thwarted their own attempts, purely because they did not believe they could.

Who is a potential coachee? Well, that could be anyone and everyone who knows deep down that things cannot continue the way they are.  Something has to change, and changing the external factors appears to not be working, they keep on coming up with the same obstacles.

Self-Development is exactly as the word suggests – developing and exploring who you are. Some people have amazing self-awareness and can work through things on their own, while other people need some assistance in the form of structure and accountability, and that is where coaching comes in.

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