A someone who has always had a fascination and a passion for healing the inner being through aligning body mind and soul, it was inevitable that I would eventually stumble upon and incorporate the principles of Life Alignment into my practice.

Life alignment, it is said, has helped many people throughout the globe to create a life that feels more powerful, and filled with health and abundance. A life where, through love and forgiveness, you feel more connected with yourself and a greater sense of joy and purpose.

Of course, we have heard these kinds of promises and superlatives before and the principle message behind Life Alignment of ‘Everything you need to heal and claim the life that is destined to be yours is already within you’ seems simple and real enough, but what is this practice? What you really want to know is what is it and is it for me?

What is life alignment?

In a scientific explanation, it is said that Life Alignment is a modality that brings transforming tools from the latest findings in quantum physics and kinesiology in a unique way together to optimally support and empower the individual’ Phew – quite a mouthful, well more simply put – ‘The events of our lives, imprinted into our cellular memory influence our emotions!’ That’s not difficult to understand. We are after all a mass of memories and experiences that have in some way or another affected our emotional well-being or the way we look at things.

It is firmly believed, however (and I certainly go along with this), that within our inner being is a higher intelligence that, when accessed, can lead us back through the maze of past experiences and cellular imprints to a clearer understanding of our true gifts and talents and how we can better serve the world. With an understanding of this, we can achieve a life of purpose and meaning and truly achieve all those feelings of love, joy and the ability to forgive. 

Is it for me?

It is probably best to answer this question by asking yourself a few important alternate questions – like…

· Are you feeling feel unfulfilled in your life – Like something important is missing? 

· Are you working in what feels like a meaningless, soulless job?

· Are you hanging on to a bad relationship, unable to break free for fear of your own inadequacies or being terrified of being alone? 

· Are you suffering from a persistent illness or injury, despite endless treatment and medication?

· …or simply feeling a total loss of direction – your life seems ok but you just don’t know what to do next? 

What Life Alignment reveals to us is that deep inside us we do know the answer to all these things and how to live exactly the life we want. We simply have to find this power, harness it and start to live the life we were destined to live before we resigned ourselves to an inferior existence.

Ask for help – or it doesn’t come!

On an outbound experience I recently undertook I encountered an area that had suffered severe drought. As much as the intentions of the locals to revive it and start their lives over were admirable it was clear to me that without outside help this was going to be an impossible task – but they would have to ask for help – it would not be automatically forthcoming.

I am Marléne Nunes and amongst other things, I am a qualified Life Alignment practitioner and I would like to assist your body and mind, focussing on the root cause of your symptoms, to get back on track to the destiny that was always your real life’s purpose. You need only put your hand up – and ask for help and I am there for you. 


I want to extend a huge thank you to all my loyal clientele over the last year and sincerely hope I have been able to assist you to live a better 2021 and feel fully prepared to live a wonderful 2022 –

Be kind to yourself – Happy holidays – and travel safely!

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