A Soul Plan reading – and its benefits!

A Soul Plan reading – and its benefits!

I wrote just little while ago about ‘Soul Plan’ – what it is and how it is connected to your name and origins.

For those who may have missed the article, what’s in a name? – could be your Soul Plan! – in essence your birth name and even name changes are all linked to the worldly challenges you will face and your personal talents. By recognising these challenges you utilise you greatest talents and can better assess the goals you should be setting for yourself.

I also looked into who most benefits from a Soul Plan reading and gave you some background on its origins. Assuming I perked your interest, this article takes a look at the more practical side of investing in a Soul Plan – the reading itself and the numerous benefits that can be derived from this reading once it has been done.

The Soul Plan reading process

Prior to the reading, I require your full original names as stated on your Birth certificate. I also need permission from you for me to perform it, as it requires delving into aspects of your past – obviously only from an origination of your name aspect, I’m not a private investigator!

Now some extra time on my side comes in, as the Soul Plan reading process is applied to your name, the Soul Plan chart prepared and I conduct an intuitive review.

Next, either online or in person, we meet to review the Soul Plan together. A recorded version of this is advisable as there is a lot if information to discuss and advice given to you during the reading. I can provide that at a small additional cost.

What’s in the reading?

The Soul Plan reading includes a full analysis of your life in terms of talents, goals, potential, lessons to be learned and obstacles to overcome. Advice is given on the ways to overcome the challenges that face you and help you to achieve your potential goals,

The awesome discovery of your full life potential is often a life changing moment and it is not uncommon for recipients of the reading to experience massive shifts in their lives and circumstances!

What are the benefits?

This is the part that makes my job as the facilitator of Soul Plan readings so rewarding, as the potential benefits are numerous and impressive.

There is often a powerful transformation when pointing to, analysing and healing obstacles and redundant blockages that may lie in one’s path. This opens the way to a clearer future journey.

When clarity is obtained on what may have been just vaguely suspected talents and abilities, a new path is set and actioned, as it is now one of attaining a whole new life’s purpose. 

Now, with a better understanding of your past actions and short comings, you are able to access yourself on a new, clearer, ’Soul’ level. You can accelerate your healing and boost purposeful change and future growth.

By activating your newly discovered unique abilities and potential, your role in life is understood and your true ‘Soul Plan’ revealed to you. A clearer path to sought after, attainable goals, leads to a life of meaning and purpose.

Let me help

I hope you will allow me to introduce and facilitate a soul Plan reading and its benefits to you. I know that it can only help you to find a clearer path forward.

The reading can be done both online and personally with me and as there is a fair amount of my time involved (usually over 3 hrs) the fee is R1,200. When you know of the full benefits, you’ll understand that it is money well invested in yourself and living to your full potential. The time of the reading itself is 60 to 90 minutes.

My business, Self and More, is my own Soul Plan, a lifelong dedication to unleashing the full potential in every human being on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I hope that you will connect with me to assist you to do this. I look forward to it.

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