Effective stress relief through developing body, mind and soul – Part 2

Effective stress relief through developing body, mind and soul – Part 2

Effective stress relief through developing body, mind and soul 

(Part two – mind and soul)

This is the second in a two part series highlighting the devastating effects that stress can have on us all and hopefully offering some solutions. Stress generally occurs following trauma of some sort, or just sheer pressure, as is often experienced in the workplace. This is why employers should especially be cognisant of what stress employees may be suffering and how they may be affected by it.

As I expressed in part one of this series, I believe that the healing of, or at least coping with stress, can be achieved, but only holistically. One has to take into account that stress affects us physically, mentally and in many cases even spiritually. I firmly believe therefore that effective stress relief is achieved through developing body, mind and soul.

We have dealt with the beneficial effects on the body through the practice of Pilates, a great core muscular developer and TRE, a wonderful Trauma Release Exercises therapy. To drive home my point of holistic stress relief, both these physical programs are linked to brain and mind improvement and development too.

Now to the mind and soul – let’s start with the mind and 2 areas of practice that I believe can greatly assist with stress.

Life coaching

Something I practice with individuals and groups in the workplace is Life Coaching. Essentially it is the training of the mind to let go of negative thoughts and learn to develop a positive approach and set attainable goals. This type of confidence can greatly assist with stress, as stress in the workplace in particular is closely aligned with feelings of inadequacy under pressure.

Additional benefits are numerous and include the improvement of partnerships, dispelling negative outlooks, acceptance of and trusting in yourself. Most importantly and relative to this article, is that it also teaches the power of mind and body connection.

QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching)

Staying with this body and mind connection, QEC, based in neuroscience, is a sort of gym for the mind. I work closely with my clients to generate profound and liberating behavioural change through a combination of Gestalt therapy, focussed intention, Neuroplasticity and Kinesiology, amongst others.

It’s important to note that although the effects can be profound, changing thought and behavioural patterns to replace limiting negative ones, you are fully conscious at all times and the process is quick and effortless.

From a mental point of view there is synergy between QEC and the trauma release therapy of TRE, as it focusses on improved heath, mental health (including stress) and self-worth in general. 

Soul Plan

Some find this a little left of field, but I have (through first-hand experience) seen the benefits of this little known practice of connecting the birth name, time and circumstances with the destiny of the soul and hence our own destiny.

Knowing our life’s blue print, talents and strengths assists us to have a more purposeful life and set appropriate, attainable goals. More on Soul Plan can also be found in articles I have written and on my website. The unique thing about this one is that I do not need to be present to facilitate it and it can be done entirely online.

Holistic health neutralises stress

As you can see, at self and more all that we do physically and mentally compliment and augment each other to give a totally holistic approach to self-development and self-improvement.

Contact us to learn more about our wide range of programs for individuals, private groups and companies. Let me assist you to combine one or more of the services I provide to set you, or your business, on a path to better mental and physical health and a more successful, happier life…

…and oh yes, without a doubt I can also assist you to achieve effective stress relief through developing body, mind and soul!


Effective stress relief through developing body, mind and soul – Part 1

Effective stress relief through developing body, mind and soul – Part 1

Effective stress relief through developing body, mind and soul 

(Part one – the body)

The statistics around the prevalence of stress in the workplace and indeed within the day to day lives of South Africans are really quite alarming. The results of just one research paper I read stated that over 30% of South African’s across the board had a lifetime prevalence of general disorders as a result of stress and over 15% were directly anxiety related. 

Businesses in particular are greatly affected by the stresses suffered by staff and should take heed of what can be done to relieve stress in the workplace. No doubt the research and the results vary, but I deal with creating wellness through self-development and self-improvement and I know from personal experience that most of the people I serve privately and in business have stress related issues.

I have often been asked why my business seems to offer an unusual stable of services relating to self-development. Some, like the lessor known Soul plan, seem quite far removed from others like the now commonly practiced Pilates.

The truth is that it is my belief that an evolved person and one that comfortably overcomes the effects of stress, is one that takes a physical, mental and spiritual path to wellbeing. All of these play a role and have their place. This, the first in a 2 part series ‘effective stress relief through developing body, mind and soul’ deals with the physical body. 


Practiced by millions, Pilates is a series of low impact exercises that primarily strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen, lower back, hips and thighs. It not only helps to improve physical strength, but muscular endurance, balance and flexibility. It also has the added benefits of improving posture, body sensing and mindful movement awareness.

In fact, Pilates is not just about physical well-being at all. The founder of Pilates – Joseph Hubertus Pilates, describes it as “A method of body conditioning that re-awakens and stimulates brain cells, stimulating further the functioning of the mind!” Could there be a better testament to the fact that Pilates is not only a wonderful way to get fitter, more supple and stronger, but there is a definite connection with improving the brain and the mind?

I generally only facilitate physical exercise that is linked with the brain and mind (and sometimes the soul) and as the mind too has come into play when this physical exercise is practiced, it makes sense that Pilates is a fantastic stress reliever.


I have recently written quite extensively about TRE. This is Trauma Release Exercises and in essence is a series of exercises that help the body relieve itself from deep muscular tension, trauma and stress.

There is a very definite connection between the body, mind and the spiritual in the practice of TRE. It is for this reason that I heartily recommend this in particular as a great solution for stress relief and injury.

Much stress is the result of trauma of one sort or the other, death, divorce, moving home, accidents and illness etc. These are all traumas that induce a great amount of stress and TRE is ideally suited to deal with trauma of every kind.

Let me help

These are two great ways one can relieve stress through the physical medium at self and more, as they are inextricably linked to mind improvement and trauma release. Sometimes it may take a bit more direct mind training or adjustment, or even some soul searching to produce complete stress relief though, so watch this space for part 2.

Contact me  book a consultation to evaluate your personal stress related issues and devise a program using one or more of the services I provide to give you or your business effective stress relief through developing body, mind and soul! 



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