When flight is no option, fight for sensibility

When flight is no option, fight for sensibility

It has been so much spoken about and so dramatically affected our lives already that it needs no introduction.

Suffice to say the dreaded virus that has stopped most international flights, gatherings of more than 100 people in one place and grounded schoolchildren is something that we will need a very different approach to deal with.

When things go wrong in the country the more affluent South Africans are so used to having flight as an option and the poorer masses having mass action protests to fall back on, but suddenly these are no longer options. So what now?

It is a somewhat unique situation when we as a country really do need to stand together (but not too close) and face a common enemy, and the one thing we cannot afford to do is generate any form of panic or mass hysteria.

Already panic buying, as if we are facing an apocalypse, of mostly goods that we hope will offer some immunity from this illness, is showing that perhaps we have little understanding of how best to really immunise ourselves and we are allowing fear to overtake rational thought.

Irrationality as a result of fear tends to have a ripple effect and is potentially very dangerous. When the nervous system is triggered into the survival response one doesn’t think rationally. Collectively we should look at ways to create inner calm to find solutions to traumatic situations.

Immunity comes from within

One of the most commonly caused ‘psychosomatic’ illnesses is the common cold and flu. It often follows bouts of emotional or stressful events. Essentially this means that our real ‘immunity’ comes as much from within, due to our mental and emotional state, as it does from any external immune fighters.

I have always advocated and tried to stress the importance of taking some ‘me’ time to calm oneself. A quiet bath, a long walk, mind and body exercise like Pilates. Trauma/Tension Release exercises, or inward looking meditation. These are all practices that strengthen by allowing for deeper inner connection  us and make us more immune to the external forces that plague us.

The perfect time

Is this not a perfect time, when so many will need to spend more time at home alone, or with loved ones, to take advantage of ‘self’ time and time to get to know our loved ones  better? We also live in a beautiful country with wide open spaces, so we needn’t be ‘holed up’ either.

All we need do is practice what should be common place hygiene anyway and keep our distance, so why not take a drive to the bush, or a walk around the neighbourhood? Beethoven favoured “long, vigorous walks” in which he carried a pencil and blank sheet music. Let’s get creative – and build our immunity from the inside!

Self and more

Regarding my Body, soul and mind practices, which encourage one to take a holistic approach to health and wellness, I can still do one-on-one Pilates classes and small group TRE classes. We keep a safe distance from each other and practice perfect hygiene.

I can (and usually do) carry out all my other services including life and business coaching, Soul Plan and QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) online, as well as one-on-one TRE online too. If I can be of any help to you, whether in times of crisis, or simply to help you reach a perfect state of holistic wellness, contact me and let’s talk.

Be safe, be at peace and when flight is no option, fight for sensibility!

Kind regards,


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