Is TRE the best kept trauma release solution secret?

Is TRE the best kept trauma release solution secret?

TRE, now a fairly commonly used and quite well known practice for the release of trauma in many other parts of the world, has for some reason not taken off in South Africa in the same way. This begs the question for me “Is TRE the best kept trauma release solution secret?”

What is TRE?

Well, before I answer and before I get ahead of myself, for the uninitiated, I should just summarise what TRE is. Trauma and Tension Release Exercises is the full description and it is an innovative, effective series of exercises that assist the body to release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. It is a great stand-alone therapy and also enhances other stress relief practices like Yoga, Mindfulness and meditation.

TRE activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating to release muscular tension and calm the nervous system. Created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, it is practiced by professional facilitators like my company Self and More in a safe and controlled environment. The mind and body return back to a state of balance and are reconnected, as when one is in the fetal position.

What are the myths?

There seem to be myths surrounding TRE though and a general misunderstanding of what it is and how it works – so what are some of these?

It’s sold incorrectly – Unfortunately TRE is badly represented online and is sold as a type of exercise program – or at least that’s what people think it is. Of course it is not a physical exercise program at all.

Lack of understanding – Following on from this, because of the misconception of what it is, many don’t even understand its many benefits. These are numerous and in future articles I will be describing them in more detail.

It’s thought of as an expensive fitness class – Again following on from the first point, as it is seen as an exercise program the cost is considered to be high. It is actually a neurologically based practice created by a physician and therefore a certain amount of training and expertise needs to go into its execution.

Unfortunately, like many modern revolutionary practices, it is not recognised by certain bodies and therefore not covered by medical aids. Nevertheless the cost is very reasonable if practiced in a group format, which I do facilitate and of course it’s a more expensive if delivered on a one on one basis. The benefits of that however are relevant to the increased cost.

You don’t need to be fit – Once again, due to the misconception about the fitness class, it is believed that you may need to have a certain level of physical fitness or body shape to be a recipient of its benefits. This is absolutely untrue and TRE is practiced even by disabled people, so don’t let anything stop you. If there is any reason at all for you not to enjoy the relief of TRE, I will be able to advise you accordingly.

In conclusion I return to the question, “Is TRE the best kept trauma release solution secret?” – Yes I think it is and it’s a shame because its benefits go far beyond what I have been able to include here. I will do so in future articles though and run you through a typical TRE session, so watch this space.

Let’s talk

Contact me and let’s talk about any other questions you may have relating to TRE and how you could benefit from it. With this, or any of the other four practices Self and More facilitate relating to self-improvement (both physical and mental), self-awareness and trauma release, I can best help you if I know yours or your business’ specific requirements. I look forward to connecting with you!

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