It’s time to float – not swim against the current

It’s time to float – not swim against the current

As someone whose life is about facilitating ways for others to overcome challenges, realise their best attributes and live a meaningful, positive life, I hear about a lot of concern in times such as these.

We are being bombarded by continually bad news and living through events that often make us feel like we have little or no control. We have been thrust into the second year of a pandemic that has been strengthened by developing a second strain, often thrown into the dark by Eskom, and as a result of the turmoil of last year, many of us are facing financially difficult times too.

Breathe – and float.

OK, so that’s where we all stand. Let’s take a deep breath – and look at sensible ways to deal with this. So, many of us are thinking – “what are we going to do about it?” Well, more often than not it is trying to control and fight against forces greater than us that just get us further into our state of panic or despair.

Many of life’s greatest lessons are learned by simply observing certain laws of nature. Those who step into quicksand will only sink deeper the more they struggle. Those who try to swim against a strong current will tire and possibly drown but had they simply floated they would have been eventually carried by the tides back to shore. Right now – it’s time to float – not swim against the current!

We need to try to avoid making our current predicament something much greater than it needs to be. We will all react differently and we are all feeling the impact of what is happening in different ways but a few general rules could help us all…

Don’t control – accept and bend

When torrential winds blow only the mighty oak with a massive root system will withstand it – or the supple palm which bends so far that it appears to be bowing to the greater force. What will you do?

 Are you so deeply rooted that you can withstand anything? Well few of us are – so take your lead from the Palm. Don’t try to control or change the situation. Accept that it is happening, make sensible contingency plans and calmly accept that ‘it is what it is.’ Console yourself with the knowledge that history has shown us that all things eventually pass.

Fight fear

Fear is the toughest thing we all have to fight, but fear can also be good. It warns us to not do anything stupid. Rather fear the virus than go to parties not wearing a mask, but whatever you do – don’t live with fear to the extent that you ignore having a life at all! 

Rather simply ask yourself ‘So what’s the worst that can happen?’ Invariably when you ponder that question you will realise there is less to fear than you think. If you are a spiritual person who believes in a higher power you might find that fear is easier to overcome – it’s up to you how you do it – but don’t succumb to it.

Spread positive energy

It only takes a few people to spread positive energy to thousands and even millions of others. Be one of these people. Don’t allow negative people into your life and when you have no option then stand firmly against negative utterings, countering with positive ones. Remember that perceptions are inevitably projected onto others, so don’t let others project negative perceptions onto you. 

Let’s start 2021 on a positive footing

So many people are already throwing up their arms in surrender to 2021, believing it is just an extension of 2020 – well it isn’t. It is just a series of days and months on a calendar. What matters is that in every day in any year you have your own positive energy, finding solutions to your problems and not fearing the future.

Talk to me if you are fearing the coming year or doubting where your future lies – or if you are the leader of a team of people that needs to overcome negative perceptions and fear and start 2021 on a positive footing!

My business is Self and More, spawned by my successful triumph over my own past challenges and based on the belief that every individual is unique, special, uniquely gifted and deserves a satisfying meaningful life.

Float – don’t swim against the current – and this storm too shall pass. Have a spectacular year and be safe!

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