To choose the name of ‘the other’ could affect your life!

To choose the name of ‘the other’ could affect your life!

To choose the name of ‘the other’ could affect your life!

There are possibly only a few times in your life that you will get to choose a name. Your name after all has been chosen for you at birth so that appears to be set in stone – or is it?
The times you get to choose a name would be primarily when you name a child and when – as a woman – you get married. The surname of your husband (or your significant ‘other’) is traditionally bestowed upon you, but you still get to choose whether to take it or not.

For those of you who read my article on what a ‘Soul plan’ is all about ‘What’s in a name – could be your soul plan’ you will know that many believe there is far more to your name than you realise. The challenges you will face and your personal talents are reflected in your name and by recognising these, through having a Soul plan reading, you can literally change the course of your own destiny.

The benefits are numerous and include: a greater and clearer sense of life purpose; access to yourself on a deeper level and an acceleration of growth and healing to name just a few.

Not just your name – but the name you choose

What I really want to bring to your attention in this article though, is that it is obvious from this that those around you- all your significant ‘others’ – will, by the nature of their names either compliment or possibly be very detrimental to your life, goals and well-being.

It also stands to reason that you might consider having a reading of your Spouse’s names before deciding to take that surname – and very significantly – it means that by understanding if their name can complement your life path, or not, you just may make the right decision. The study of a name other than your own in Soul plan is referred to as an ‘overlay.’

Business benefits and naming baby

The same principles can apply in business (its name can be crucial to its success) and indeed in naming your baby too. I will go into these in more detail in future articles.

Readings online or in person

Self and more Integrative Coaching  is a practice that combines many disciplines to create a holistic program of nurturing body, mind and soul. ‘Soul plan’ is just one of the ways I assist people to release trauma and through introspection and self-awareness, achieve a calmer, more meaningful, more purposeful life. 

Contact me to learn more about you and your personal challenges, or to book a Soul plan reading. R1 200 for an individual reading only – or for a group R850 for the initial reading and R250 for each ‘overlay.’ Take care of yourself!

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