Your ‘primal wounding’ could be a matter of trust

Your ‘primal wounding’ could be a matter of trust

In my last article, I spoke extensively on co-dependency which is invariably generated from one partner in a relationship having an addiction problem. Addiction always has a cause and it is commonly from earlier bad experiences or trauma that lead to what we call primal wounding. It can also be generated as a defence mechanism against feelings of little self-worth – or as some observers put it – ‘Non-being.’ Feeling lonely, frustrated, isolated, impotent, fearful and shameful, as well as losing trust in someone or a feeling of not being trusted can all lead to depleted self-worth.

Probably the most significant of these causes is trust, as losing trust in loved ones, friends and one’s own abilities can have devastating effects on our emotional approach to life and others in the years to follow. Lack of trust is debilitating and often robs us of belief in ourselves and our fellow man to the point of making life feel pointless and having little or no purpose. Simply put – your primal wounding could be a matter of trust!

Life alignment can assist 

I have also written extensively on ‘life alignment’ in its many forms, a way that we can rebuild every aspect of our lives through believing in ourselves and others once again. In my article ’Life alignment – what it is and is it for me?’ I explain the purpose of life alignment which, in essence, is that within our inner being is a higher intelligence that, when accessed, can lead us back through the maze of past experiences and cellular imprints to a clearer understanding of our true gifts and talents and how we can better serve the world. With an understanding of this, we can achieve a life of purpose and meaning and truly achieve all those feelings of love, joy and the ability to forgive.

Vortex cards 

Part of the practice of life alignment is the use of vortex cards. Simply put vortex cards, when displayed, are used for personal well-being and general healing of internal and external energy movements. Dr Albert Einstein, a man who saw well into the future of what seemed incomprehensive to mankind in his time said, “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” 

As one observer puts it, ‘’Albert Einstein stated that everything we see, feel and touch is solely made out of energy particles. There is only energy and Einstein calls the sum of these particles the field, which we create and influence with everything we think, say, feel and do. Vortex technology functions according to this principle and works energetically on the human body. In other words, as we help shift energy on a causal level it filters down to the physical level.’’

 The trust card

One of the most significant vortex cards (and one that can relieve us from many primal wounds including addiction) is the trust card which helps to strengthen the experience of trust in oneself, in life and in the universe. From an internal perspective, working with this card and a qualified life alignment practitioner on issues of vulnerability, you can gain a sense of personal well-being, inner security, self-confidence, and most importantly, trust in yourself and others.

When utilised externally, like being placed on the main door, the card works on the energy field of the related space (as described by Einstein) and this supports the creation of a sense of feeling protected in that area. In essence, your home becomes your refuge through the positive shift of this energy. Now you feel a greater sense of safety and renewed trust in your surroundings and those around you.

Trust in me

Within the scope of my business Self and More, I am a qualified practitioner of ‘life alignment’ and the use of vortex cards, amongst other disciplines that serve the body, mind and soul. If you feel that you have been wounded in any way through past issues or trauma please don’t hesitate to talk to me and let’s find out if I can assist you to heal these wounds and begin to live a richer life filled with meaning and purpose.

Enjoy your holidays and do travel safely. As always, go with light and love.


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