What a journey you had to walk with me! Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to realise that only I am in control of my life and that I have the power to make my own decisions and live by them.
You showed me how to overcome many of my self-limiting beliefs that I have been carrying with me for many years and assisted me in getting rid of all those negative thoughts that have hampered my growth for many years! Thanks for assisting me in looking deeper into myself and understanding myself better.
Thank you for your amazing dedication, commitment and tolerance in walking this road with me – which was not easy at times! You have showed me the true power that I carry within myself and that I am able!
I feel truly blessed by what you have done for me and sure you will be a blessing to many more people who take this opportunity to look into and better themselves! You are an amazing woman and I wish you all of the best in your endeavours with your coaching!
Lots of luv…

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