When I first contacted Marlene I could barely keep my tears at bay having lost someone who Id deemed to be the most important person in my life who had completely turned on me and was trying to break me daily. Legal battles, charges, locks changed on me, fighting for my home, cat and possessions were the flavour of the day. I needed inner strength and stability, fast.
Marlene gave me the tools I needed, gently shifting my way of thinking and focus. Always there helping over the phone on the odd day when it seemed so hard to regain my power. She has a vast knowledge of tools and techniques that gently restored balance and re empowered me.
I have a major fear of flying and was utterly amazed when I jumped on a flight and had little fear throughout the flight. My new way of thinking had automatically kicked in without any sessions required on this fear, mind blowing!
In my last session Marlene identified one thing still holding me back. My dread and refusal to even entertain going into a relationship again. She worked on releasing this blockage and the very next day (I kid you not!) something beautiful, far more real with someone whole began.
Thank you Marlene, you’ve made such a difference to my life.

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