I decided to embark on this journey of life coaching to sort out a deep buried issue that was lying dormant in my psyche for about 28 years. The problem was there, even though not consciously all the time; it shaped how I reacted to life, my relationships and interactions I had on a daily basis. This problem, as I thought, was a major issue and the only one, and as I proceeded through this course I realized that it was one of very many.
Issues that we leave un-dealt starts festering over time and before you know it, it becomes part of your DNA and starts blinding you to the beauty that everyday life holds. It hides magnificent opportunities and provides a sick comfort to be mediocre.
My first session with Marlene was in all instances probably the best session I have ever had with councilors, psychologists, etc. I believe that I had my breakthrough in my first session unlike most people. I attribute this success all to Marlene (and as she would say, all to yourself). Immediately when I started, she laid out the boundaries, reassured that the sessions are a safe place and it truly was. I also think that if you consider this as an option that you need to be highly teachable and open and trusting to the process. Most importantly, lead and be led by this amazing journey.
I was also concerned that I lie to myself and deceive Marlene as I have done with so many others who tried to help me, but she kept me honest all the way. When I told a story that my subconscious mind tried to hide from me, then deep in the dark corners of my mind, Marlene would be standing pointing out that big issue that I refused to deal. This was for me the biggest awakening during our time together.
I am elated to say that I am no longer that little 9 year old boy, sitting in that car, frightened and waiting for someone to come and rescue me. I am my own destiny and the end goal is not blocked by anyone. I am the defender, I am the striker and most importantly I am the goalkeeper. I am truly free.

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