I can honestly say that I found the therapy to be extremely beneficial  as it has helped greatly with stress release and it has improved my sleep considerably.
At first the whole process seemed a bit strange but I did a bit of additional research and determined that the Psoas muscle, which is the main muscle activated in the therapy is often referred to as the “Survival Muscle” as it helps us deal with tension associated with the “fight or Flight” reflex. We humans are not so good at dealing with these responses and our modern day lifestyle causes us to store up huge amounts of stress.
Another interesting fact that I discovered was that if a lion chases a buck and the buck manages to get away it will go and throw itself down on the ground and tremor violently for a while and then walk off as if nothing had happened !! This is because it has released the stress. We humans can learn so much from nature.
Marlene has extensive knowledge in this form of therapy has a wonderful way of working with her clients. She was able to make me feel completely relaxed and comfortable but was also very professional. She could also be rather persuasive – she managed to get me to hug myself at the end of each session, and I am not a hugger !
I can highly recommend her and her services.

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