Whatever we looking to achieve in our lives, be it personal or professional, the first port of call is the Discovery of Self. This is not an event; it is a journey, that requires us to check in every so often to re-assess and continue.

As someone who travels this road, and as a coach, I fully recognise that it is not a road one can easily and authentically travel alone and when I needed to check in, I connected with Marlene Nunes to realign.

I went into the “Life Alignment” session not knowing what to expect, but knowing re-alignment was necessary, before continuing on my exciting journey.

Marlene creates such a safe, comfortable, relaxing, space, that the ease with which I was able to speak my own truths, was truly amazing and re-energizing. She is competent and a professional to her fingertips, who only has her clients interests at heart.  To sum it up I went in, out of alignment, and after an hour, came out re-aligned, balanced, fulfilled and ready to continue on my journey.

If you want to show up as your best self, this is a must. I would highly recommend Marlene to anyone feeling they need to re-align and ask not what is the cost of doing this, but rather what is the cost of not……

Thank you, Marlene, !!!!

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