I have been working with Marléne for just over a year and have been inspired every day by her in our professional relationship.
Recently, I had the privilege of having a QEC/ Coaching session with her. I am in awe of her intuitive ability, her calming presence and her easy to use techniques during the session. But most of all her warm and supportive nature that doesn’t end after the session, it continues on, making sure that you are managing during the weeks that follow and readily offers advice and helpful tips should you find yourself needing these.

Marléne’s knowledge and experience is evident as she journeys with you through sensitive memories or challenges and helps you to release the negative energy; always careful to ensure you leave the session feeling supported and un-alone.

I cannot imagine the toll this must take on her personally and others like her, but I am grateful that she was given this gift and shares it so freely.

Thank you Marléne






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