I took part in a QEC session with Marléne recently where we talked about the subject of Boarding School Syndrome as I was interested in exploring whether I had been impacted by my seven years in boarding school.  From the moment we started chatting it amazed me how the conversation shifted clearly to another trauma in my life and we used the QEC method to resolve some of that.

Marléne is an amazing facilitator and extremely skilled with TRE and QEC. She was able to connect very quickly with my underlying story and, as a man, I found it easy to get to a straight and honest dialog with her. Marléne kept the session moving at a rapid pace, which suited me, and understood exactly when the right time was to move from the talking to the QEC action. We were able to mix TRE and QEC in one session which I found very powerful. I felt extremely safe and supported through the various stages of the process. All in all, it was a session that worked for me very effectively and so much quicker than hours of therapy on a couch.





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