And that’s the success story: as I think I told you, about a month or so after I “graduated from my 8 week TRE Process” the TRE released my knot of frantic panic which was keeping me ill, and I started getting well and gaining weight surely and steadily. Which was already a big turnaround, and enabled me to take a self sufficient flat in a retirement facility ¬†instead of assisted living I am gaining more than 2kg per month now, and weigh 50kg already! Only about 10 more to go now. And I get stronger every day. Also, I can drive again, so that I can visit my parents and do chores for them.But the big win happened during the move, which is partly why I haven’t gotten round to writing yet, as it was REALLY hectic, and as I said, I’m still getting settled.
I CAN SING AGAIN! This was my main goal for TRE, as you know, and at one stage I must admit I thought it would never happen, but between my Bowen treatments (where she concentrated on the locked jaw) and the tremors, something shifted. I am still probably a bit weak to do long stretches, but am planning to join a choir. It is a huge relief and release from all that pent up grief, and if the Ampelopsis drops do the job on my arthritis, I might even have a normal life again.
I also use myself as an example for my mom, and she has been tremoring fairly regularly herself as well. She says it helps, and I think she’s getting a little less strung out. At any rate she didn’t collapse after the move like we all expected, and has said she’s not going to let the stress get her down.
So thank you so much, and you’re welcome to use any of this for your webpage.

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