A journey to discover your full potential

You are in the right place if you are ready to embrace your journey towards knowing who you truly are, discovering your capabilities and learning your life’s true purpose. Here at Self and More, we believe these are key elements in living a life of success, optimum health, happiness and real meaning. 

If you are a traumatised or stressed individual,  someone who is searching for a more meaningful existence, part of a workplace team in disarray or, a business manager seeking greater leadership qualities the answer lies in a purposeful and holistic lifestyle that combines body, mind and soul.

The programs offered at Self and More will support and encourage you to heal, evolve and nurture your self development. At Self and More you can explore which modality or combination of programs will provide you with the most benefit either online or in person.

Marléne’s Approach Is….

  • Holistic
  • Trauma Informed
  • Empathetic
  • Experienced
  • Qualified
  • Authentic

Marléne’s Approach Is….


Trauma Informed





What Can Self and More Do For You?

Find your purpose

Discover your true self and learn to live with passion with Life Coaching, Life Alignment, or a Soul Plan reading, and bring about desired changes in your life with QEC. Living your life’s true purpose will bring you more joy, fulfillment and clarity on what’s important.

Reduce stress

You can benefit from Life Coaching, Life Alignment, Pilates, QEC, and TRE if you are experiencing fear, worry, anxiety, stress or depression. Our programs promote improved emotional stability and resilience and tackle limiting beliefs which might be contributing to your stress or anxiety.


Whether you’re looking to heal your inner child’s wounds, you’ve experienced trauma or you suffer from a health condition Life Coaching, Life Alignment, QEC, a Soul Plan reading, TRE and Pilates can all play their part to promote your recovery.


What Do Self and More Clients Say?

Soul Plan Testimonial
Life Coaching Testimonial


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