About Me

This is Marléne Nunes – living a life of purpose and offering over 35 years of working in the well-being industry.

Marléne is a well-qualified and experienced self-development coach who is fiercely committed to helping individuals fulfill their potential by breaking free of blocks, letting go of limiting beliefs, challenging fears, and overcoming trauma. Marléne uses her array of skills to help her clients heal which allows them to live a more authentic, balanced life from a place of love and possibilities.

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Marléne is a Master NLP Coach, Life Alignment Practioner, SETA Accredited Facilitator, TRE® Advanced Provider & Mentor, QEC practitioner, Pilates & Callanetics instructor, and a massage therapist, facilitator, and trainer. She has coached and trained scores of people through their own journey of mental and physical discovery, and transformation


I would love to live in a world where people recognise that they do not have to remain shackled to their difficult life experiences. Everyone has the opportunity to explore their life’s true purpose and benefit from living a life of success, optimum health, happiness, and real meaning.

Marléne’s Story

Marléne’s past was once marked by abuse, depression, hopelessness, and the emotional and physical pain of being trapped in destructive behavioural patterns. When she eventually reached a turning point and chose to empower herself, it was the start of a journey to heal herself, before finding her calling to help others.

Coming from a place of drowning in emotional pain, feeling isolated and saddled with past trauma and resentment, Marléne now lives her life with clarity, integrity and passion. She has introduced a holistic lifestyle that supports her purpose and her values, and she benefits daily from optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Since Marléne completed her first coaching course, she has never stopped exploring and learning other methods of healing trauma. Due to her extensive skillset, Marléne is able to offer her clients the service that is best suited to their individual circumstances, yet all modalities are performed in an environment of safety and curiosity, and with compassion and sensitivity.


Client Review

Marléne is dedicated to helping individuals who may be suffering from trauma or stress, or simply seeking a more meaningful existence. Marléne also supports corporate clients including workplace teams who may be in disarray, or business leaders seeking greater management skills and leadership qualities. She assists people from all walks of life, all ages, and circumstances, as individuals and within groups – and she can work in-person for corporate clients throughout the Western Cape or in the Langebaan area for individual clients. Alternatively, Marléne can provide online sessions with no geographical limits.

You can learn more about the merits of Marléne’s services from the Programs menu here.


Marléne’s Style of Coaching

Marléne’s style is personal and relaxed, providing a nurturing environment within a disciplined structure. This encourages clients to feel secure enough to be vulnerable, recognise their own barriers, and find empowerment beyond. She creates a safe space for clients to explore options that they had previously not imagined possible due to limiting beliefs that develop over time.

She shares her message on how changing your mind and your thoughts can change your life, using her own story and way of life as an inspiring example.

Let Marléne help you reach your full potential.  

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