Soul Plan

Soul Plan

  • Do you feel you have lost direction in life?
  • Do you have a sense that there is something more for you in this life time?
  • Do you question your life’s purpose?

Your birth name has hidden within it your life’s blue print, the life’s journey your soul intended. Before we are born onto this earth our souls plan the destiny and goals we will strive towards. This plan brings with it a unique combination of spiritual and worldly challenges and talents that we must conquer and embrace to reach our soul destiny.

The Soul Plan Reading process has been derived from ancient texts such as the Sefer Yetzirah and the Zohar which explore creation of apparent reality through sound, letter and word. It also utilises a method of gematria channelled by Frank Alper (1930-2007) in his Spiritual Numerology of Moses work. In the current Soul Plan system, the interpretations have been modernised and further developed by Blue Marsden, who highlights a non-dualistic theme.

What happens in a Soul Plan Reading

  • You provide your full birth name as it appeared on your birth certificate
  • In advance of your session the Soul Plan Reading process is applied to the name, your soul plan chart is prepared and an intuitive review takes place.
  • We meet  (on-line or in-person) to review the Soul Plan together. I would recommend recording your Soul Plan Reading sessions due to the amount of information covered.  I can provide the service for a small charge if you require a CD version instead of electronic download.

A reading is extremely powerful and transformation. It helps heals obstacles to achieving full potential and provides a clear path forward.

In an individual reading your life is analysed in terms of your talents, goals, potential, lessons and obstacles to overcome and you will also discover your overall life purpose.

Simply by receiving the reading you will benefit from a healing and clearing of many redundant blockages. A clarity unfolds on what was vaguely suspected and gaining confirmation of (latent or manifest) talents and goals initiates a ‘true potential activation.’ 

Advice is given on how to overcome challenges (challenge management) and best reach your goals – it is very common for recipients of a reading to experience big shifts in their lives and circumstances. Additional healing on limiting beliefs or energetic blocks that may be holding you back from aligning with your full potential may also be included in the reading. 

In summary a Soul Plan Reading is an interpretation of your potential experiences for this lifetime. This will include:

  • An explanation of the challenges you are or have been facing
  • An explanation of the talents / attributes latent or manifest within you
  • An explanation of your deepest goals in the everyday and spiritual sense
  • An explanation of your overall Soul Purpose

You will gain:

  • a greater and clearer sense of life purpose
  • a context for understanding why you have experienced the life you have thus far
  • access to yourself on a deeper level, a soul level
  • an acceleration of growth and healing
  • a deeper sense of understanding about your life experience so far
  • more clarity about life and your role in it
  • a healing and clearing of redundant patterns
  • a deep activation of your own unique abilities and potential

You will also receive practical guidance on how to:

  • overcome your challenges/obstacles
  • best use your talents
  • achieve your goals

Soul Plan Reading Options

  • Full Reading with Grace Clearing and Soul realignment, 60 to 90 minutes: R1200 (US$120)
    It is a good idea to start with a full reading to have all the information before moving on to one of the other options.
  • Relationship Reading (incl. 2x mini readings for the two people involved), 60 minutes: Starting at R880 (US$88)
    This reading is a way to look at compatibility between people. When looking at a family structure with more than two people it will impact on the price and length of the reading.

Note: Distance / Remote consultations, readings and healing can be scheduled in any one of the two calendars, depending on your preference for the days.


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A reading is extremely powerful and transformation. It helps heals obstacles to achieving full potential and provides a clear path forward.

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