My sincere thanks for accepting me as a client to guide and teach me the TRE Process. Very unusual personal circumstances were affecting pretty much my entire mind and as a result this was seriously affecting my ability to concentrate on work – and as the sole “bread winner” this then compounded the stress I was under.
The TRE sessions themselves, which I had never heard of before, forced me to focus on the exercise and I found this alone peaceful as then other thoughts moved into the background – where I found myself, with our discussions, (subconsciously) easier to rationally review and deal with them.
The overall effect was to leave me calmer, more at peace and feeling better able to understand and cope with current and future situations.
As the TRE situations were going on, I also found your time as a coach invaluable as I was able to (at last) more freely be able to express myself and benefit from your expertise as a Coach – which forced me to ask and answer some questions that needed to come out – so that I could move on.
I found Marléne to be very professional, open minded, knowledgeable and ultimately very helpful in dealing with me and what I see as a unique issue.
I would, unhesitatingly recommend Marléne both as a Coach to people being in stressful situations but actually also to people who may find themselves in “out of the box” type situations – as her years of expertise in many aspects shone through and she has able to guide me through what was ultimately an eye opening and healing process.
I did not experience major trauma or an incident where I needed emotional help. I was feeling ‘stuck’ and frustrated with myself, which caused an inner anger and affected the relationships in my life. Marléne helped to identify that and together we worked through some of the causes, some of which stemmed from my childhood and unresolved issues from that time in my life.
I can definitely recommend Marléne as someone to talk to about any area in one’s life that is hindering you from being the best you can be. She deeply cares for her clients, it is not just a way to earn an income for her.
Sometimes we don’t even know that something is wrong with us because we’ve been living like that for so long. It’s amazing what happens when one just talks about these things with a trained practitioner who knows exactly which questions to ask and how to plant an emotional seed to get one thinking about yourself, and others, differently.
And that’s the success story: as I think I told you, about a month or so after I “graduated from my 8 week TRE Process” the TRE released my knot of frantic panic which was keeping me ill, and I started getting well and gaining weight surely and steadily. Which was already a big turnaround, and enabled me to take a self sufficient flat in a retirement facility  instead of assisted living I am gaining more than 2kg per month now, and weigh 50kg already! Only about 10 more to go now. And I get stronger every day. Also, I can drive again, so that I can visit my parents and do chores for them.But the big win happened during the move, which is partly why I haven’t gotten round to writing yet, as it was REALLY hectic, and as I said, I’m still getting settled.
I CAN SING AGAIN! This was my main goal for TRE, as you know, and at one stage I must admit I thought it would never happen, but between my Bowen treatments (where she concentrated on the locked jaw) and the tremors, something shifted. I am still probably a bit weak to do long stretches, but am planning to join a choir. It is a huge relief and release from all that pent up grief, and if the Ampelopsis drops do the job on my arthritis, I might even have a normal life again.
I also use myself as an example for my mom, and she has been tremoring fairly regularly herself as well. She says it helps, and I think she’s getting a little less strung out. At any rate she didn’t collapse after the move like we all expected, and has said she’s not going to let the stress get her down.
So thank you so much, and you’re welcome to use any of this for your webpage.
Coaching restored a sense of calm and balance back into my life. Feel stronger within my self. Helped me to understand and process the breakdown of my marriage. Helped me to shift my focus back onto my self and let go of fear and pain associated from a failed relationship . I felt everything had it’s purpose.
Maybe felt the timeline therapy to not be as effective as I thought it would be. Might be as I realised when doing it that I had done it before. first time I did it felt a lot more impactful. I enjoyed the way Marléne allowed our sessions to be shaped by what she felt I intuitively needed on the day.
Thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday.
I am grateful for the chat and you’ve helped me realize that there are a lot of work I need to do from my side, including focusing on myself with relaxation and quiet time each day.
If I meet anyone who needs therapy, I will refer them to you.
I decided to embark on this journey of life coaching to sort out a deep buried issue that was lying dormant in my psyche for about 28 years. The problem was there, even though not consciously all the time; it shaped how I reacted to life, my relationships and interactions I had on a daily basis. This problem, as I thought, was a major issue and the only one, and as I proceeded through this course I realized that it was one of very many.
Issues that we leave un-dealt starts festering over time and before you know it, it becomes part of your DNA and starts blinding you to the beauty that everyday life holds. It hides magnificent opportunities and provides a sick comfort to be mediocre.
My first session with Marlene was in all instances probably the best session I have ever had with councilors, psychologists, etc. I believe that I had my breakthrough in my first session unlike most people. I attribute this success all to Marlene (and as she would say, all to yourself). Immediately when I started, she laid out the boundaries, reassured that the sessions are a safe place and it truly was. I also think that if you consider this as an option that you need to be highly teachable and open and trusting to the process. Most importantly, lead and be led by this amazing journey.
I was also concerned that I lie to myself and deceive Marlene as I have done with so many others who tried to help me, but she kept me honest all the way. When I told a story that my subconscious mind tried to hide from me, then deep in the dark corners of my mind, Marlene would be standing pointing out that big issue that I refused to deal. This was for me the biggest awakening during our time together.
I am elated to say that I am no longer that little 9 year old boy, sitting in that car, frightened and waiting for someone to come and rescue me. I am my own destiny and the end goal is not blocked by anyone. I am the defender, I am the striker and most importantly I am the goalkeeper. I am truly free.
Thank you for our time on Tuesday and also the advice. I took lots of value out of our session and am working on changing my mindset.
I am going to cancel our session for next week because I need to work on my mindset first before I can let go.
When I first contacted Marlene I could barely keep my tears at bay having lost someone who Id deemed to be the most important person in my life who had completely turned on me and was trying to break me daily. Legal battles, charges, locks changed on me, fighting for my home, cat and possessions were the flavour of the day. I needed inner strength and stability, fast.
Marlene gave me the tools I needed, gently shifting my way of thinking and focus. Always there helping over the phone on the odd day when it seemed so hard to regain my power. She has a vast knowledge of tools and techniques that gently restored balance and re empowered me.
I have a major fear of flying and was utterly amazed when I jumped on a flight and had little fear throughout the flight. My new way of thinking had automatically kicked in without any sessions required on this fear, mind blowing!
In my last session Marlene identified one thing still holding me back. My dread and refusal to even entertain going into a relationship again. She worked on releasing this blockage and the very next day (I kid you not!) something beautiful, far more real with someone whole began.
Thank you Marlene, you’ve made such a difference to my life.
I started my coaching sessions with Marléne on 21st Jan 2014.  My husband had sessions previously with her, so I had a basic idea of what to expect.  But coming with my own issues also meant that my experience has been very different, but no less rewarding.  I came to coaching as a “last resort”.  I was in a dark space, feeling unworthy and un-empowered.
The past 3+months coaching have helped me to see my worth and equipped me with the tools to see challenges as opportunities for growth,  My life has done a full 360 turn in the past few months and I can say without a doubt that it is due to coaching.
Thank you Marlene
Marlene has great energy and knows her product well. Share certainly made me think….and she has a great message.
Andrew Eaton