Thank you so much for your compassion and creating a safe environment for me to grow. I have dealt with so many things, and that has made a huge difference in my life. I would strongly recommend this process to anyone who wants to have a better life.
I really appreciate YOU so much! Thanks again.
Yolande van der Merwe
Thank you for choosing to be an evolved coach. You unconsciously gave me permission to heal and change without saying a word.
You have an inherent power that carries those you work with. Please continue sharing your beauty and gifts with the world.
Eva Thanatopoulos
Thank you Marléne for assisting me in an amazing process of transformation. You have been very patient and dedicated through the process and I am ever so grateful for meeting you.
I hope to always be in contact with you as you are an inspiration to me.
Perusha Reddy
What a life changing experience I have had with you. Thank you for your commitment in walking the road with me and for showing me the true power everybody carries within themselves.
You have help me open up my life to get rid of all the negatives that held me back in the past. I have even experienced physical healing through letting go of all negative emotions that I carried in my life and am so excited about reaching my future goals.
May you live a life full of abundance as you so freely share with all …..
Arina Botes
It is with the utmost gratitude that I would like to thank you for showing me how to become the person I have chosen to be. Your gentle approach, deep understanding and mind blowing techniques assisted me in letting go of the negativity from my past.
I realise that positive change is essential in order to move forward in life, and with your assistance, I now have the tools and confidence to achieve whatever I set out to do. I feel confident about my future and have a clear vision and understanding of how to move forward and turn my dreams into reality.
Wishing you continued success in your coaching practice.
Clifford Cooper