Why go for coaching?


Coaching is a solution-focused approach to your personal development that can help you to make lasting changes in all areas of your life.

Marléne facilitates this change for her clients by working through challenges with them, using applicable methodologies.

Marléne undertakes to assist with the following:

–    Your journey towards discovering your hidden possibilities and identifying your true potential.
–    Getting you to go beyond your perceived limitations.
–    Making lasting changes in all areas of your life!

Life Coaching FAQs

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What are the benefits of having a life coach at your side?

– Providing an accountability partner.
– Giving you the space to name your goals as you see them.
– Recognising the habits that are non-serving and establishing ways to make the changes you want to make.
– Helping you to stop procrastinating and take action.
– Using various tools and therapies that will aid in the management of stress.
– Identifying limiting beliefs that have been standing in your way of success.

What will you get from life coaching?

Our goals are for you to:

– Let go of your attachment to unresolved, negative emotions  and to live with reality.
– Realise how powerful your thoughts are.
– Learn about the power of the mind and body connection.
– Manage stress before it manages you through coaching.
– Find your purpose and learn to live with passion.
– Start to trust yourself, to love, accept love and make your own decisions.

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