This title may seem confusing to you. Certainly control and release are contradictory terms and yet it requires both of these after a period of trauma to ultimately experience peace of mind and a purposeful life.

This certainly was the case for me, and it was a message of a cry for help that led me to a solution after a childhood of rejection and despair and a young adulthood that was leading me along a path of self-destruction.

In my last article ‘Is your past dictating your now?’ I left my readers with a promise to reveal how I managed to piece together a life that was teetering on the brink. I am reminded of the Elton John song ‘Candle in the wind’ when I think of where I was then, and I have no doubt that many of us feel as if we are constantly facing elements that may extinguish the flame of hope that burns inside us.

The desire to take control of your situation is step 1

The concern of a good friend and my promise to her to seek help before I tried to take my own life again could have been what really saved me. It is often the realisation that your life is worth saving as pointed out by someone else that is a turning point for trauma sufferers and those with addictions.

As is pointed out by AA, we need to understand the things that we can control and release that over which we have no control. The same basic principles apply to trauma patients too, and as my story reveals, it was through taking control of my situation and releasing my trauma that I became the controlled, balanced person that I am today, able to assist others to do the same.

The ability to release your trauma is step 2

After the promise to my friend, and many years of struggling to keep the promise,  I sent out my social media message literally crying out for help. My answer came in the form of a Life Coaching institution which help me to realise that the pieces of my life could be put together differently.

Further along that path I realised that deep routed trauma cannot be healed only cognitively but we also need to be physically healed and that is when I discovered the works and teachings of Dr David Berceli and began practicing and becoming an exponent of TRE – or Trauma Release Exercises.

Now with the help of this series of gentle release exercises I realised that we hold onto trauma and we need to find ways to release them to begin to fully heal.

Incorporating body, mind and soul is the final step

It was through my own experiences and ultimate triumph that I realised that body mind and soul are all inextricably intertwined and so I began my practice Self and More incorporating TRE®, Pilates, QEC, Coaching and Soul Plan.

Ultimately, I believe those who have read this article have not done so without reason. We all suffer a collective form of trauma as we go through this life and it may not have been a cry for help that led you to me, but it was at least to gain some form of attaining a more meaningful life and purposeful existence. Talk to me – I believe I can help.  

Stay safe – and stay in the self!


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