Prior to the festive season I am writing on a couple of subjects that relate to the all too common ‘breakdowns’ that occur prior to the holidays – and why so often the holidays end up being more stressful than your work.

How often have you heard people say “I’ve got family visiting for Christmas and I’m really not looking forward to it” or “After that holiday I need a holiday!” These are common year end problems and they really can be avoided, both in the preparation for and during your own family holiday.


Invariably, prior to embarking on the family holiday, instead of planning a stress free vacation, common sense is thrown to the wind and the stresses of the year simply continue into what should be a time of calm and rest.

Remember the body needs to unwind from the build-up of stress through the year. My last article spoke of the illnesses and pain that often result just before the holidays from a year of unchecked stress …and sometimes once the holiday hits, as the adrenaline runs out, the body goes into a shock response and simply breaks down.

Prior to the holiday, why not de-stress with a few TRE sessions? TRE is becoming massively popular as a form of stress and trauma release …and preparing the mind for things to come. Remember being away on holiday, or having family around who are not normally there, puts you out of your comfort zone, so rather be ready for it.

Ensure that you make a decision to plan a holiday that is within your financial means too. So many say, “Oh well, it’s the holiday we‘ll worry about it in the new-year.” The reality is you will spend most of the holiday worrying about it and just give yourself a great stress trigger when you start a brand new year. Rather have a shorter, stress free holiday – you’ll get more out of it.


So, having de-stressed a little prior to going away …and going where you can afford to, you are making a good start. To ensure the whole holiday is one that really benefits you and your family, try to arrange that everyone gets some ‘me’ time. I can’t stress the importance of this enough.

The time you spend together as a family is precious, embrace it and be grateful for it, but for everyone to really de-stress, they all need a little time of their own. Arrange for kids to spend some time not under your supervision, giving them a little time away from you, whilst you and your partner enjoy a romantic evening or activity together.

Arrange with each other to take turns being with the kids (one on one time with each parent is good for the kids too) and on your own, take a walk, read a favourite book or take a relaxing bath after the kids are in bed.

Even if you are home and have family visiting, arrange some outings for them that leave you with some time for yourself too. It is so important that you use your holiday time to refresh and revive yourself too. Make a choice to holistically invigorate your body, mind and soul – and stick to it.

…and beyond

My business, Self and More is essentially about combining body, mind and soul disciplines to de-stress and enhance your life. We live in difficult times and the demands on us are great. Life happens too, trauma that we tend to brush under the carpet, only to find it manifests itself at the most unexpected times. The holiday are a typical example – no longer wound up in self protect mode, we suddenly lash out at others.

Don’t let it happen to you. Contact me to find your true inner self …and so much more.

I am truly grateful for my loyal supportive clients and I hope I have been as much of a blessing to you. To you and your loved ones I wish you calm, health and inner peace throughout the next decade – Happy Holidays!

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