In my recent travels, I have become very much aware that no matter where we are, in the world, whatever we face, disorientation or stress, the best way to deal with it is to be truly connected with oneself.

I’m not talking about just arising and trying to orientate oneself by thinking, “ok where am I? – what is the place I’m in?” It is about always making a deep internal connection through using various body, mind and soul techniques.

Being in a different place is just one example of the stresses we experience and of course at home we face different challenges every day. My business ‘Self and more’ specialises in facilitating practices that assist people to deal with stress and trauma on many levels.

What this article is about specifically, is that all too important aspect of making time every day to truly connect with yourself. So, how are some of the ways we do this? How in difficult times, do we truly connect with ourselves?

Daily reflections

I have recently added a series of daily reflections to my website and this is an excellent way to connect inwardly. Make some time every day to read one of these reflections and meditate on it. You can do so while you sit quietly with eyes closed, while you take a peaceful walk, or do some type of passive exercise like Pilates, or even during a TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) session.

The main thing is that you look to yourself and the ways you can give yourself more peace through evolving from within. So, what are some of the things these daily reflections tell us?

Make time to take time out to reflect

Essentially we need to make time to look inwardly. This ‘me’ time is so essential if we are to maintain a balance – and in particular if we have constant stress and trauma to deal with. 

Also don’t take the stuff from today into tomorrow. Connect inwardly, deliberate on it and then let it go.

Some sort of quiet meditation, soothing exercise, a long bath or a candle lit dinner, food for inner peace and growth, should end every day.

Be cognisant that throughout the universe all things are connected and we need to be mindful to connect body, mind and soul every day to live a fulfilled life.

Make time through committed sessions

One of the best ways to ensure you commit to some time to connect with yourself, is to commit to a regular session.  Self and more offers five essential body, mind and soul activities, all of which assist us to be more in touch with ourselves and release stress and trauma. These are all inward looking practices that ultimately reveal themselves outwardly in a healthier, happier you.

The choices are Pilates and TRE, which essentially are physical practices – Life coaching, and QEC (quantum Energy Coaching), essentially mental practices developing body and mind – and Soul plan – an ancient practice that assists one to finds one’s true destiny and Tachyons and Geometric Shapes for the home

Simply connect with me – and let me help you, in difficult times – to connect with yourself!


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