The recent total lockdown situation resulting from the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic, something that is still very much with us, lead me to think about ‘focusing.’ It is very possible at this time that as much as we are going through the motions of a normal life, getting on with our work, tending to the family etc, certain of our actions may well be driven by a deep seated fear of the proximity and possible consequences of this virus for all us.

This article is not intended to dwell on the pandemic however, enough has been said about it in my previous articles, but it is a good example of negative ‘focusing.’ This is not just what we focus on consciously, but ‘focusing’ is actually a name for a practice and therapy that has been around for some time.

What is focussing?

In the words of ‘Focussing Resources,’ – “Focusing is a way of tapping into your vast emotional intelligence through the messages of your body. With Focusing, you return to a source of knowing that has always belonged to you. Focusing gives you direct access to your own inner compass, where you know the right direction for your life. Focusing works because life naturally wants to move forward and find new possibilities. Sometimes we get stuck because we get cut off from that natural life forward energy.”

Where did it begin?

The same journal tells us that “Focusing was discovered when Professor Eugene Gendlin of the University of Chicago researched the question: “Why is psychotherapy helpful for some people, but not others?” He and his colleagues studied tapes of hundreds of therapy sessions and made a fascinating and important discovery: successful therapy clients had a vague, hard-to-describe inner awareness, a bodily felt sense about their problems.”

What are some examples?”

Your Focus is your belief or how you identify with who you are in the world. For example as a woman you might be identifying with your gender and possibly what your gender means to you could be holding you back from achieving what men would achieve. In feeling like the ‘weaker’ sex unconsciously, this is driving your conscious mind and body to certain actions and decisions all the time.

Of either gender, if you see yourself as being a victim, or helpless, the chances are this will be driving you to becoming a victim. Maybe on the contrary you see yourself a victor, someone with plenty opportunities and options – if this is what is going on in your unconscious mind, the chances are that you will be led to taking decisive action towards successful outcomes.

From the self comes more

Through my business Self and More I holistically deal with the practice of maintaining synergy between body mind and soul. If you are at a crossroads, feeling like you are really not where you should be it could well be that your unconscious focus is leading your mind and body astray.

Coaching utilising focusing methods could well unearth exactly where your focus lies and in so knowing redirect your path to a more positive, productive mind set –or at least greater peace of mind. So do let me help.

Remember what you see as a boulder blocking your path to fulfilment could actually become a solid stepping stone to a better life. Be mindful – and be safe! 

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