Self & More offers a range of life- and self-enriching services. These services include life coaching, colour therapy and Tension/trauma release exercises (TRE®).

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What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a process where a professional life coach helps to motivate and guide you in order to improve various aspects of your life, including career and relationships. A life coach will help you refocus your life’s goals by aiding you in recognising your dreams and gaining the skills you will need in order to achieve these dreams. They will also help you overcome past challenges that are standing in your way of success.

What does life coaching involve?

  • Assessment – using Enneagram Testing Tool/Colour Therapy Reading or NLP specifically formulated questioning
  • Identifying and working through unresolved emotions
  • Resolving inner conflict
  • Highlighting limiting beliefs and working with change
  • Eliciting values and designing strategies to support change if required
  • Goal alignment with values

Colour Therapy Readings …..“contact us”

What is Colour Therapy Reading?

Colour therapy uses colour in the form of light and the specific vibration it generates in order to balance the energy that is missing or lacking in an individual’s body. These missing or lacking energies can be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. Colour therapy can be used in conjunction with essential oils as a method of alternative healing, seeing as essential oils also resonate at the various frequencies of the specific plants which they are extracted from.

What does Colour Therapy Reading involve?

  • Reading based on colour oils selected
  • Highlighting areas or energy centres requiring support
  • Highlighting where blockages originate from
  • Pinpointing where the blockages are
  • Determining what would be best to work with and support clients through the process or as a once off treatment
  • Emotional healing
  • Physical healing
  • Determining which oils can be used to support the areas that are in need of support

TRE® Trauma Release Exercises

What is TRE?

TRE is a series of exercises that help the body relieve itself from deep muscular tension, trauma and stress. These exercises help bring relief to individuals who are tense, stressed or traumatised due to difficult circumstances, long term/short term stress or a traumatic life experience. The way these trauma/tension relief exercises achieve this is by promoting controlled tremors that encourage the body to return back to a state of balance.

What does TRE® involve?

  • 6 basic exercises to evoke the natural tremoring process in the body
  • Simple, easy and natural exercises that anyone can do. This form of therapy is perfect for groups, private clients, families, corporates and wellness groups.
  • Tremoring to release the stress built up in the body  as a result of trauma
  • Trauma whether real or perceived, including physical, emotional, even spiritual and mental trauma (= trauma)
  • Releasing the stress held in the illiopsoas muscle, which in turn works on a neurological level
  • Teaching the TRE® process for eventual maintenance and home use by client
  • Can be used as an ancillary to coaching/therapy

Enneagram testing (Archetypes)..“contact us”

What is Enneagram testing?

The Enneagram archetype refers to an interconnected model of the human personality and is known to be one of the newest personality tests in use today.  An Enneagram test involves nine personality types that are all interlinked. This personality test is mainly used to determine one’s emotional outlook on life and concentrates on the psychological motivations behind every personality type.

What does Enneagram testing involve?

  • Electronic test to be completed – professional or personal options
  • The report is then discussed and used as a coaching tool
  • The results are used as a guide on the journey towards self-development
  • Improving relationship building
  • Improving conflict resolution abilities
  • Improvement of team dynamics

Pilates – Private Classes Home Studio Uitzicht or Groups at Fitstrong Glengarry….….“contact us”

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that helps promote and improve physical strength, posture, muscular endurance, balance and flexibility, while also enhancing mental awareness. Although Pilates requires the engagement of the entire body, the exercises typically concentrates on strengthening the core body muscles. Pilates is practiced to get in shape, keep in shape and to recover from injury.

What does Pilates involve?

  • Breathing
  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Centering
  • Flow of motion
  • Precision
  • Postural Alignment
  • Mind & Body Connection
  • Working with clients to strengthen their core

Sports & Fitness Massage

What is sports and fitness massage?

Sports and fitness massages are for both athletes and non-athletes, such as office workers who suffer from back and neck tension. These massages involve both deep and light strokes to loosen tense muscles and release muscle knots/trigger points. Sports massages have both physical and psychological benefits and help to relieve headaches, general tension and stress.

What does sport and fitness massage involve?

  • Massages for both athlete’s and non-athletes
  • The release of toxins in the muscles
  • The lengthening of muscle fibres
  • The release of tension
  • Provides mental relaxation
  • General feel good practise
  • Maintenance for athletes (both pre and post workout)
  • Gift vouchers for sport and fitness massages are offered

Situational Awareness online course….Master Reading people using lie detection

(online or training with on going online support)

What is spiritual awareness?

Spiritual awareness or spiritual awakening refers to the process by which an individual becomes aware of their spiritual selves and begin to explore their own being. This happens when the body and the spirit reunite and share attributes.

What does spiritual awareness involve?

  • Reading non-verbal clues such as:
    • facial expression
    • eye movement
  • Tonality and what it means
  • Use of language
  • Lie detection


Callanetics is perfect for:

  • intensive activating of the pelvic floor, and learning the importance thereof
  • optimal lengthening of the body
  • posture changes
  • 3D movements
  • training the deepest muscle layers
  • dynamic stretching
  • relaxation
  • helping joints become supple

What can you expect from Callanetics?

  • More energy
  • Better coordination, balance and posture
  • The need for less sleep
  • No diffuse back aches anymore
  • Natural appetite control
  • A loss of centimetres all round
  • Improved strength, endurance and flexibility

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