Hello there ….

Could you grab 5 mins a pen and paper and work through the following

What is it that you value in your relationship?  I am guessing  most people would say love and/or trust.

There are loads of other dynamics in relationships – platonic or intimate  ….here are some more …..I am sure you could make a list of your own too

  • Respect;
  • Loyalty;
  • Emotional connection;
  • Physical connection;
  • Support – on any or all levels;
  • Transparency;
  • Communication;
  • Accountability
  • Fun
  • Acknowledgement
  • Growth

Which of these elements stands out for you specifically?    What about it is important to you?

Choose one or two.

Then place them in the hierarchy of importance to you …………

The next step is up to you …..if you feel that the above elements are not present in your relationships and you  would like to make changes so that they do….give me a call …setup an appointment to explore the subject further

The relationship starts with you

Send you love and light as always



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