I seldom write on any subject in 2 parts, but the issue of ‘starting anew’ and transformation is such a big one and so important at this critical time following the pandemic, that it seemed appropriate to do so.

Many of us have had to reassess our lives and our futures, some of us in massive ways. The change of a job, or having to sell a home, or emotional issues that have arisen from being in close confines with each other, are all possible casualties of what we have just experienced.

It is vitally important for our mental and emotional well-being that we approach this ‘starting anew’ in the right way. As the title says – it may be spring, but starting anew is all about you – not seasonal, but personal.

As I mentioned in the first part of the article I learned some interesting things from the observations of Dr Barton Goldsmith PhD on this subject. I mentioned a couple of them to you and here are a couple more you may find useful …

Starting over is not always by choice

These trying times have meant that many of us have had to start over as opposed to choosing to start over. Avoid becoming angry about this, accepting life does sometimes take turns you don’t expect – and don’t feel bad if you need to get help. Just remember you can always help those who are helping you now somewhere down the line.

Starting over presents new opportunities

Sometimes when you are forced to try something new it can be a good thing. It requires acquiring new skills – and this can never be bad. Change is inevitable. Whether it is happening now or at some other time it will happen – so embrace it – at your own pace and in your own way, but don’t try to just ignore it.

Transforming at one’s own pace

As far as my own observations are concerned, as I said in part 1:  “We had to radically change our way of thinking and our behaviour to align with COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown. Just as that transformation had to be at one’s own pace, we should, at our own pace and within our emotional capabilities, begin to start again.”

This is really the essence of the message. Transformation should never be measured by anyone else’s pace and there is no ‘norm’ when it comes to stating anew. For us to go from just surviving to thriving after such an event we need to understand what we have learned from this time. If you are not sure, that is exactly what I may be able to assist you with, as it often takes an objective viewpoint to reveal such things.

Get on the bus

Having ascertained that, we do need to keep moving forward, but we must remember it is like getting on a bus, the final destination of which we don’t know. It doesn’t really matter, as long as we go only as far as we want to – and get off where we want to go!

Within my business Self and More, through combining body, mind and soul techniques and practices I can assist you to become aware of your innermost feelings, strength and weaknesses to become transformed as a highly effective individual with a meaningful life and a true purpose.

Talk to me and let’s see if we can take this journey together. In the meantime keep being the unique and special person that you are – and keep safe!

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