Marlena made use of the technique QEC in our session. At first, I had my doubts about the technique, but after Marlena explained the process, I opened myself to how I can learn and change the things in my life bothering me.
When I must compare myself before and after my six-week session with Marlena, these are only a few things that stand out for me:
I am calm and content in the way I look at myself and others around me.
I totally accept the road my life is leading and enjoy the journey more.
I forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made in the past and know it’s all part of who I am today.
These were just a few things I was struggling with before our QEC sessions. I also understand that the sub-conscious mind will always be strong, and it is constantly changing, I just need to know how to ‘program’ it for my own best-will.
Marlena’s calmness in her work and honest approach towards the things we discussed made the session so ‘real’. These techniques and thought processes will stick with me for a while, and the best of all – I can just go back for a ‘recap’ when needed.
Thank you Marlena 😊

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