I did not experience major trauma or an incident where I needed emotional help. I was feeling ‘stuck’ and frustrated with myself, which caused an inner anger and affected the relationships in my life. Marléne helped to identify that and together we worked through some of the causes, some of which stemmed from my childhood and unresolved issues from that time in my life.
I can definitely recommend Marléne as someone to talk to about any area in one’s life that is hindering you from being the best you can be. She deeply cares for her clients, it is not just a way to earn an income for her.
Sometimes we don’t even know that something is wrong with us because we’ve been living like that for so long. It’s amazing what happens when one just talks about these things with a trained practitioner who knows exactly which questions to ask and how to plant an emotional seed to get one thinking about yourself, and others, differently.

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