I was not quite sure what to expect from coaching as I had never considered discussing the way I feel with anyone as I do not like to talk about my feelings.  I doubted the process as Marléne and myself do not only have a business relationship, but also interact on a personal level.  Marléne instantly won my confidence with her professionalism and clarity, and made me feel immediately at ease, while guiding me through the process.I received coaching from Marléne for 5 weeks.  What I noticed immediately, as it is so important to me, was Marléne’s demeanor that projected calmness and acceptance in a caring way. In an instant, I felt that she was there for me and had no interest in judging me.  One of the qualities that I respect most about Marléne is that she knows when to nurture and when to give tough love. Marléne asked insightful questions and fully listened to my issues and answers, gently guiding me to solutions with her support.  Her open curiosity and skill in getting to the underlying issues made her a valuable partner in getting the results I need to move forward more quickly and in the right direction in my life.  I love how she pushed me beyond my own comfort zone.
 I wholeheartedly recommend Marléne to anybody looking for support or guidance, and I can testify that her skill and expertise can truly transform anybody who is willing to change.

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