My sincere thanks for accepting me as a client to guide and teach me the TRE Process. Very unusual personal circumstances were affecting pretty much my entire mind and as a result this was seriously affecting my ability to concentrate on work – and as the sole “bread winner” this then compounded the stress I was under.
The TRE sessions themselves, which I had never heard of before, forced me to focus on the exercise and I found this alone peaceful as then other thoughts moved into the background – where I found myself, with our discussions, (subconsciously) easier to rationally review and deal with them.
The overall effect was to leave me calmer, more at peace and feeling better able to understand and cope with current and future situations.
As the TRE situations were going on, I also found your time as a coach invaluable as I was able to (at last) more freely be able to express myself and benefit from your expertise as a Coach – which forced me to ask and answer some questions that needed to come out – so that I could move on.
I found Marléne to be very professional, open minded, knowledgeable and ultimately very helpful in dealing with me and what I see as a unique issue.
I would, unhesitatingly recommend Marléne both as a Coach to people being in stressful situations but actually also to people who may find themselves in “out of the box” type situations – as her years of expertise in many aspects shone through and she has able to guide me through what was ultimately an eye opening and healing process.

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