The title of this article is in no way intended to sound flippant or underestimate the kind of emotional pain that various levels of trauma can inflict. However as is testified to in this article, trauma release can also be an experience that is pleasant and highly constructive and need not always be the arduous process that many seem to think it is.

In a previous article I spoke about TRE and this is one of the ways I believe one can experience gradual trauma release in a not unpleasant way. In that article I explained that TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises) is an innovative, effective series of exercises that assist the body to release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. It is a great stand-alone therapy and also enhances other stress relief practices like Yoga, Mindfulness and meditation.


Another process I practice that TRE couples well with is QEC or Quantum Energy Coaching. The essence of this is that we do not perform to our capabilities, but to what we believe we are capable of. We are therefore only as much as what we believe.

These beliefs are mostly harboured in the subconscious mind and so with QEC, we access limiting thoughts and change them at a subconscious level to free ourselves up to be aligned with constructive conscious goals.

I make mention of this because it is mentioned in the description of the TRE session as one of the methods that help us to experience a rise in consciousness.

The TRE workshop

A TRE workshop usually comprises a minimum of 5 sessions and is available at a very reasonable fee if the full workshop is booked in advance. Obviously trauma release is a process and not a quick fix and hence the encouragement to do the full 5 sessions.

I have been pleasantly surprised however at how beneficial even one session can be and at this point I think it prudent to let a newcomer to the class, a male who has recently experienced the trauma of moving cities after many years and then a divorce, explain his first experience in his own words…

Trauma release can be a pleasant experience

“I must be honest, I had made the decision to attend a TRE session with some trepidation, as I had really expected a kind of emotional breakdown to ensue after a long psychological grilling. Even though I was aware that it was a series of exercises that induced a muscular sensation in the body to release stress, I was wary that with a history of epilepsy I may go into some sort of out of control trance.

This could not have been further from the truth and Marlene, after a brief non-intrusive interview to ascertain my general medical condition, assured me that I would be in control at all times and she would be there to assist should I have any discomfort during the process.

I found her from the beginning of the session to be a calming and re-assuring facilitator of the process throughout. I had come into the session after a not particularly good night’s sleep feeling somewhat ‘fuzzy,’ but my apprehensions had already been dissolved and I quickly began to relax.

As we sat comfortably on our yoga mats we chatted about previous experiences and our feelings at the time. There was a senses of comradery in the room. Only a few people can attend and so it was cosy and intimate. 

Marlene then explained the ‘layers’ of trauma that are released through methods like TRE and QEC, using a chart to show the progress one can achieve from an absolute ‘frozen’ state, through a ‘flight or fight’ state of emotions like shame, guilt and grief – towards an improved state of pride, courage and acceptance – to finally achieve a state of love, joy and gratitude and ultimately excitement.

Now we were taken through a grounding process, to ensure we were in tune with our bodies and then a few very gentle exercises, just readying the body for the TRE exercises to come. Marlene now ensures that the class understand the process and shows us all how to do a ‘control’ movement if we at any time wish to stop the exercises.

The TRE exercises themselves were very simple and as one begins to feel the gentle vibrations running through parts of the body as you relax completely Marlene is at all times there. She goes from student to student, always re-assuring and ascertaining one’s comfort level.

At one brief stage, due to a personal neck injury, I felt a little muscular twinge and she was immediately there making the correct adjustment for me and remaining until I was again comfortable.

Without question, after a short period of dozing, to attain a level of total relaxation, I felt revived and totally calm. The TRE experience was for me one that I thoroughly enjoyed and do believe it can be of great benefit to anyone in a stressed condition.”

In Summary

My thanks to that student’s contribution and testimony. I hope it gives you an idea of what a TRE session actually feels like and convinces you that trauma release can be a pleasant experience.

Contact me to find out as much as you need to know about the various disciplines that Self and More facilitate- and begin your journey to discover your full potential today!

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