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This is what past clients have to say about Self & More and the excellent services we have to offer and how we have helped them through their life journey.

How are you feeling today after your session yesterday was the question ?

💐 was just thinking about it and I ‘m feeling calmer! Thank for a good session. I know I need to come more often….

Morning! Really good 😊 Thanks for checking in x

I’m much better thanx!

Good morning. I feel good, really good. Relaxed, peaceful. Thank you so much for looking after me ❤


Comments the day after a Group TRE Session

My Online Experience

I started my TRE journey with Marléne in October last year. We had two sessions in person and then because I dont live in Cape Town we had the rest of the sessions on Zoom (online). At first I didn’t know if it would be the same as being together in a room but she managed to hold the space so well even from a distance. I’ve been doing TRE regularly now and it has really helped me a lot. We recently started QEC together and have been managing this really well on Zoom too. I would highly recommend Marléne and believe that using an online platform to work together has still been supportive to my healing journey.

Shannon Morgan
Marlena made use of the technique QEC in our session. At first, I had my doubts about the technique, but after Marlena explained the process, I opened myself to how I can learn and change the things in my life bothering me.
When I must compare myself before and after my six-week session with Marlena, these are only a few things that stand out for me:
I am calm and content in the way I look at myself and others around me.
I totally accept the road my life is leading and enjoy the journey more.
I forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made in the past and know it’s all part of who I am today.
These were just a few things I was struggling with before our QEC sessions. I also understand that the sub-conscious mind will always be strong, and it is constantly changing, I just need to know how to ‘program’ it for my own best-will.
Marlena’s calmness in her work and honest approach towards the things we discussed made the session so ‘real’. These techniques and thought processes will stick with me for a while, and the best of all – I can just go back for a ‘recap’ when needed.
Thank you Marlena 😊
K Norval
I can honestly say that I found the therapy to be extremely beneficial  as it has helped greatly with stress release and it has improved my sleep considerably.
At first the whole process seemed a bit strange but I did a bit of additional research and determined that the Psoas muscle, which is the main muscle activated in the therapy is often referred to as the “Survival Muscle” as it helps us deal with tension associated with the “fight or Flight” reflex. We humans are not so good at dealing with these responses and our modern day lifestyle causes us to store up huge amounts of stress.
Another interesting fact that I discovered was that if a lion chases a buck and the buck manages to get away it will go and throw itself down on the ground and tremor violently for a while and then walk off as if nothing had happened !! This is because it has released the stress. We humans can learn so much from nature.
Marlene has extensive knowledge in this form of therapy has a wonderful way of working with her clients. She was able to make me feel completely relaxed and comfortable but was also very professional. She could also be rather persuasive – she managed to get me to hug myself at the end of each session, and I am not a hugger !
I can highly recommend her and her services.
Clive Dale

Marléne has worked closely with me over the past few months and it has been a phenomenal experience. I started doing a few Pilates classes to see if it will assist with my recovery with an injury I obtained. I spoke to Marléne about it and she suggested that I could try out the TRE sessions as it assists with tension release and could quite possibly help with the issue that I have with my Psoas.

I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. Upon my first group session, I was very warmly welcomed and felt quite comfortable. After my first session, I already felt a bit more at ease. It was an odd experience but I felt good about it.

I went on to doing some private sessions with Marléne as well and I enjoyed every second of it. There were some tough days, where a lot of tears were involved, especially in the beginning but never once did I feel judged or unsupported. The TRE sessions not only helped me become a happier person, it has also made me calmer, it helped me think more clearly about things and one of the most important things for me is that my pain has been much less. The TRE sessions have really helped with the discomfort I have been experiencing due to my injury and it has helped with my mobility in the area of my injury. My muscle, and emotional, tension have both improved tremendously since starting the sessions.

Being a person that suffers from “chronic depression”, I sometimes end up in a very dark place in my mind. One of the toughest challenges is to get out of that state of mind once I’m there. I have seen many psychologists over the years and never have I felt this good after being there. I had a few life coaching sessions with Marléne as well and her advice and techniques when working with me has really helped me along the way. She has held my hand through a few tough times and I feel so privileged to have been able to do these sessions with her. She is caring, professional, makes sure you are comfortable and at ease and she is truly great at what she does. – Elizabeth