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This is what past clients have to say about Self & More and the excellent services we have to offer and how we have helped them through their life journey.

I have been working with Marléne for just over a year and have been inspired every day by her in our professional relationship.
Recently, I had the privilege of having a QEC/ Coaching session with her. I am in awe of her intuitive ability, her calming presence and her easy to use techniques during the session. But most of all her warm and supportive nature that doesn’t end after the session, it continues on, making sure that you are managing during the weeks that follow and readily offers advice and helpful tips should you find yourself needing these.

Marléne’s knowledge and experience is evident as she journeys with you through sensitive memories or challenges and helps you to release the negative energy; always careful to ensure you leave the session feeling supported and un-alone.

I cannot imagine the toll this must take on her personally and others like her, but I am grateful that she was given this gift and shares it so freely.

Thank you Marléne






Mandy Blaauw

I took part in a QEC session with Marléne recently where we talked about the subject of Boarding School Syndrome as I was interested in exploring whether I had been impacted by my seven years in boarding school.  From the moment we started chatting it amazed me how the conversation shifted clearly to another trauma in my life and we used the QEC method to resolve some of that.

Marléne is an amazing facilitator and extremely skilled with TRE and QEC. She was able to connect very quickly with my underlying story and, as a man, I found it easy to get to a straight and honest dialog with her. Marléne kept the session moving at a rapid pace, which suited me, and understood exactly when the right time was to move from the talking to the QEC action. We were able to mix TRE and QEC in one session which I found very powerful. I felt extremely safe and supported through the various stages of the process. All in all, it was a session that worked for me very effectively and so much quicker than hours of therapy on a couch.





Mark H

Thank you so very much for today. You really just know how to handle these things.

Exxx really really enjoyed the session and just messaged me again to say she is feeling so so calm and relaxed for the first time in a long time.. I will definitely bring her to TRE again. Thank you for ‘pushing’ or reminding me about the session during the week.

This really meant so much to her.

The session was intense but felt so connected.

Thank you for being you and your love for people and their happiness. X




Florette – 7/12/2019

Thank you for a fantastic session on Saturday. There was a level of letting go that I have not experienced before. I suspect I was more in-tune with my whole body (soma) so experienced it differently.



Theresa – Nov 2019

Marléne has worked closely with me over the past few months and it has been a phenomenal experience. I started doing a few Pilates classes to see if it will assist with my recovery with an injury I obtained. I spoke to Marléne about it and she suggested that I could try out the TRE sessions as it assists with tension release and could quite possibly help with the issue that I have with my Psoas.

I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. Upon my first group session, I was very warmly welcomed and felt quite comfortable. After my first session, I already felt a bit more at ease. It was an odd experience but I felt good about it.

I went on to doing some private sessions with Marléne as well and I enjoyed every second of it. There were some tough days, where a lot of tears were involved, especially in the beginning but never once did I feel judged or unsupported. The TRE sessions not only helped me become a happier person, it has also made me calmer, it helped me think more clearly about things and one of the most important things for me is that my pain has been much less. The TRE sessions have really helped with the discomfort I have been experiencing due to my injury and it has helped with my mobility in the area of my injury. My muscle, and emotional, tension have both improved tremendously since starting the sessions.

Being a person that suffers from “chronic depression”, I sometimes end up in a very dark place in my mind. One of the toughest challenges is to get out of that state of mind once I’m there. I have seen many psychologists over the years and never have I felt this good after being there. I had a few life coaching sessions with Marléne as well and her advice and techniques when working with me has really helped me along the way. She has held my hand through a few tough times and I feel so privileged to have been able to do these sessions with her. She is caring, professional, makes sure you are comfortable and at ease and she is truly great at what she does. – Elizabeth

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