They say the human body clock actually increases as we age. Fact or fiction I don’t know, but every year does seem to pass more rapidly. As we near another year end I felt it prudent to do a couple of articles on year end breakdown and coping with the holidays, which for some is in itself stressful!

So what is year-end breakdown? …and how can we avoid it?

It has come to my attention as a body and mind wellness facilitator (and I am backed up by Doctor and Physiotherapist colleagues) that numbers of people suffering from neck, back problems and nervous breakdown, seem to increase as we get near to the holiday season.

Why does it happen?

Prior to the holidays the years’ work and stress build up basically takes its toll, especially on those who have allowed work to engulf them and have not paid sufficient attention to their health …or themselves.

Lack of regular exercise, meditation and ‘me’ time, all augment working relentlessly to meet deadlines and these tend to  take their toll when we realise we are close to the time when we will be able to let go and relax.

It’s kind of like a marathon runner who ‘hits the wall’ just as they near the finish line! The body gets to a point of rejecting this build-up of over exertion and simply quits before you are ready for it to.

Apart from the build-up problem you also encounter many people who have created a kind of adrenaline dependency. Endorphins is what keeps them going. Just like the famous Duracell Bunny, they are wound up so tight, they keep running on clockwork …and in many cases it’s medical drugs that stimulate and keep them running.  

So they go on holiday and start to relax and the body has a lack of adrenaline shock response. Suddenly, they breakdown when faced with living a normal life for a short period ….no more batteries to run on!

Stress denies logic

The problem is that the more stressed we are, the less we are able to decide between what we think we should be doing and what we really need to do! You simply can’t decide to let go, even knowing the ultimate consequences of allowing the stress build up. Pretty much a ‘catch 22’ situation – the more stressed you are, if you don’t release it, the more stressed you become – ultimate result – burn out and pain!

Some solutions

Firstly accept that stress is the cause and then you have to determine to change things. This means making a firm decision to decide that you are going to focus on what you know you need and not just what you think you have to do.

The self

My business – Self and more, was so named because ultimately focus on the self is really the only way to overcome the stresses of the world. Even if it is necessary, due to the nature of your job, to endure some stress, you can cope with it through what I believe most in ….making time for yourself.

This can be achieved through more quality sleep, quiet meditation and regular exercise, which can be very passive, like TRE or Pilates, these focus on stress release and body and mind synchronicity. Even do things as simple as taking a long quiet bath and relaxing not only the body, but especially the mind.

If you don’t have time for that at least, then you are simply allowing your work life to dominate your real aim, which like everyone else is to live a long, happy life. If you have one New Year’s resolution, it should be to focus on your ‘me’ time.

Stop pressing the ‘I have to do more’ repeat button every morning in the New Year and adopt a strategy that gives you some regular time for body, mind and soul. Contact me and let me help.

To all my loyal clients, let me extend a heartfelt thanks for your support and I wish you not only happy holidays, but a new decade of peace, serenity, strength and most of all, many reasons to be grateful. Gratitude itself is a powerful tonic!

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