To be honest I am always somewhat amused at the fuss around the change of the calendar year as if one were expecting some magical new beginning to take place on a certain date.

Even the seasons largely ignore the exact time they are to begin and end, and as we all know change is something that is taking place all the time and not just at the end of the year.

By all means, let’s have a positive mindset to begin each new year with new goals and hope for new beginnings but the reality is the life we lead, its purpose and its meaning and the relationships we either suffer or enjoy are very much to do with affecting change ourselves and our responses to the cards that are dealt us. That’s something we can do anytime!

Change begins within

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution’ for how we can better our lives, but if we dare to make changes within ourselves, like changing the way we respond or react to situations and our attitude to those with whom we interact, we can make a small difference in the world and a significant difference in our own lives.

Responding to people and situations with a sense of calm and passive resilience will always be better than simply reacting with anger or frustration, so here are a couple of ideas on how to reset your responses for a better 2022… 

Reset your responses through life alignment 

You may have read my recent article on Life Alignment – what is it and is it for me? | Self and More – Coaching | Soul Plan | Pilates | TRE | QEC. It is about the great value of life realignment and the many aspects of our life that be changed to facilitate more positive responses. There are many aspects to it however and here are just three of these…

Relationship alignment – The first and most important thing to do to affect change is to examine and possibly realign your relationships. We all know that relationships are difficult but they often reflect who we are as we have chosen our partner in the first place. We often choose people that we hope will bring out the best but who actually bring out the worst in us. 

As one expert put it ‘’Often unfinished lessons with Parents are reflected in relationships so that we can break destructive patterns – it is often said ‘’you marry your Father.’’ So we end up in the same type of relationships over and over until we shift that pattern. None of us is perfect, but amazing how we expect the other to be – to fulfil all our needs. Sometimes just acknowledging that they can’t be everything to us is enough to make a huge shift in the connection, letting them off the hook and setting yourself free to fulfil that need in another manner!’’

Home Alignment – Identifying what is blocking the natural flow of energy in a space (Your space) and seeing how that is reflected in the occupants of the home is known as home alignment. We can facilitate the clearing of these blockages to create a healthy, vital flow of energy and a deeper understanding of yourself self and others. We then suggest ways to make your home more harmonious and peaceful and align it with the type of environment you desire. 

Natal chart alignment – Natal Chart Alignment is similar to Home Alignment. According to life alignment coach Elizabeth Leaneagh from the USA, “Here we look at our chart as our own home and where the soul has chosen to connect and live during this lifetime. Each degree in the circle chart represents a look into our journey. We have the opportunity to explore our shadows, our strengths, and how we mature through time.’’ A Natal chart therefore can be a valuable tool to reset our responses in the now.’’

Let me assist you to facilitate positive change through life alignment 

As you can see there are many aspects to life alignment but in essence, they all lead to finding a better way to live with and respond to others. If this change of year is to have any significance then it is through affecting change yourself by resetting your responses and realigning various aspects of your life.

Through my business Self and More and the programs I facilitate to enhance body, mind and soul, I can assist you to do this and I would be very happy to help. Simply talk to me and let us get you started on a positive path to a more peaceful and purposeful life! Enjoy 2022!


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