Starting anew is all about you – not seasonal, but personal – part 1

Starting anew is all about you – not seasonal, but personal – part 1

As we emerge from our COVID-19 cocoons we are constantly reminded of the importance of starting over – starting fresh – starting anew! Especially as we move into spring, we are told it is a time of renewal and new beginnings – now is the time to sow the seeds for the harvest we hope to reap in the summer. 

Well, certainly there are seasons in nature and a circle of life. From sowing sperm to childbirth and ultimately to reaching a ‘ripe’ old age when, hopefully, if we have learned enough, we can offer at least some digestible wisdom to those who will restart the cycle.

Starting anew, however, I would contend, is not seasonal. If anything it is potentially emotionally hazardous to fall into the trap of being told that because we have reached the end of a cycle of events it is time for personal change.

Starting again after the pandemic will be a very different experience for each of us and should be treated as such.

Some ‘starting over’ advice 

Each individual has to sow and reap within their comfort zone and at their own pace. I read some interesting material in an excellent article by Dr Barton Goldsmith PhD about starting over. Although nothing is quoted verbatim, some reference is made to this as I echo a few of the observations aligned with the gist of this article.

Progress is not dissimilar to climbing a flight of stairs 

Every individual has their own way. Some may be in shape to leap up two steps at a time, some may fear heights and take it one step at a time, occasionally even going back a step until they have, within their comfort zone, reached the top.

Regression can spawn new beginnings

You may have suffered some bad losses in the pandemic – loss of a job, a business or even a home. Remember though that life does go on and sometimes change can be the start of something spectacular! You do need to get re-started but do what feels right to you.

Set your own ‘new norm.’

Emerging from the feelings and physical changes that the pandemic has engendered within us is something deeply personal and one should not be coerced into going along with what we are being told is the ‘new norm.’

We had to radically change our way of thinking and our behaviour to align with COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown. Just as that transformation had to be at one’s own pace, so should we, at our own pace and within our emotional capabilities, begin to start again.

Let me help

It is essential that we can express what we have learned and experienced in the past few months and that is where I believe I can assist. Through my business Self and More I offer personal coaching and several body, mind and soul disciplines that assist individuals to align with their real purpose in life.

This comes through an understanding of what you want, your strengths and weaknesses and transformation from within – at your own pace! Watch this space for part 2 on this subject – and in the interim talk to me and let me help you to sow in your season and reap when you’re ready to. Be safe – and always in the self!


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