It is certainly a nice idea and offers many a chance to either pursue someone who may not yet know how you feel – or for most of us it’s a time to remind our loved ones that we do really care. 


It always gets me thinking though, I wonder how many of us make a point, not only in this month of love but at any time, to remind our children how much we love and care for them? I also wonder how many children there are who see all this going on, whom themselves feel very unloved? 

These, sadly are the children that I have been referring to in my last several articles who have been wounded or traumatised as children due to their parent’s lack of love, attention and/or understanding and ultimately are in adulthood those who suffer ‘the lingering wounds of the inner child’ (The title of my e-book on the subject.)    

Can we re-parent our wounded inner child?

The critical questions I asked in my last article – Inner Re-parenting Can Save The Wounded Inner Child – were, ‘’Can I re-parent my inner child myself – or is it too late? – ‘’Is it possible to have a second chance (or do-over) by reconnecting with the inner child and assuming the role of the parent I should have had?’’ and some others”.   

Fortunately, the answers were that we certainly can, and I gave just a few basic tips to try to inspire you to go further, which were to meet yourself again, re-parent yourself by revalidating yourself and examining if you, as a parent to yourself, could have possibly avoided the inner trauma that you suffered as a child.

I promised in this follow-up piece to talk more about re-parenting, how it works and what forms it takes. So, now the question becomes ‘’How do I re-parent my wounded inner child?’’

How does re-parenting work?

One should not think that the only way to re-parent is via your own parents, in fact, this is often counter-productive if the parents are not willing to do it or are not able to carry it out effectively.

It is better to have an objective facilitator to go through the process with you and learn to do it yourself. The therapist or facilitator assumes the role of the parent. The facilitator (in this case me), will teach you various life skills so that the child within you can learn to live productively as an adult in the world.

What forms does re-parenting take?

While re-parenting may seem to be pretty straightforward, there are several different methods and forms of it which are…

  • Total Regression
  • Time-Limited Regression
  • Spot Reparenting
  • Self-Reparenting

The first 3 are generally carried out with the assistance of Psychotherapists, but it is the fourth and most popular one which we are referring to here and of which I am a facilitator. I will assist you to learn more about the wounded child in you and re-parent yourself whenever the need arises until you feel you have overcome your lingering wounds.

Let me help

If this has convinced you that you can re-parent your inner child but need more guidance to reveal your inner issues around this and learn more about how to re-parent your inner child  I can help.

Through my business Self and More, I am offering a 6-week program to help people who wish to go deeper with the inner child work and gain more clarity on re-parenting. The program involves taking certain steps to ultimately get to know and love your inner child and effectively re-parent your inner child so that you can feel you are someone of value, who loves yourself and is poised for a meaningful life of purpose without the inner turmoil that has dogged you for so long.

As a part of the program, I will be giving away my E-book on ‘The lingering wounds of the inner child’ and if you watch this space there will be more ways you can obtain it by continuing to follow my articles and engaging with some of my excellent trauma-releasing programs.

Contact me to let me know if you are keen to join the program or for any issues with which you feel I can help you. That is my life’s purpose and I’m always here for you.

Light and especially love – for those you love and especially yourself!


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