In a recent article I mentioned a trip I had recently embarked on. In that article I did not elaborate on it, but as the nature of the journey was relevant to the theme of this article, I think I should.

It was a spiritual journey – a long walk from Portugal to Spain, where the pilgrims had trodden many years ago. I set out with a friend to take a sabbatical and in my endless quest to unravel the human condition, see what I could discover about myself and others.

Many things happened on that journey and in future articles I shall probably refer to some of them to illustrate points I am trying to make. The walk was cleansing, difficult, spiritually meaningful and tiring all at once, but what an enlightening experience it was.

The backpack

One particular thing happened on the journey which I really wanted to share. I had set out with a backpack, the standard issue type and the idea was to carry no more than one tenth of one’s body weight.

Apart from the usual obvious things, like clothing and supplies, I had set out with a couple of items that I had been carrying at the request of, or which had been given as gifts from, friends at home.

Every day at the end of the days walk, being the organised and disciplined person I am (and simply because it made sense) I unpacked every item, which I had carefully individually wrapped, from the backpack and aired it.

Lighten the load

As the journey progressed I began to do a couple of things. I began to mix things up a little, not having everything individually wrapped anymore …and I began to leave some things behind, simply because it felt more comfortable when I did so.

That begged the first question for me. “How many of us have the courage to change the status quo, assess things at the end of the day and have the sense to leave some of the burdens behind?”

This is such an important principle and is seen in many of my daily reflections that I have on my website. We need to be reflecting at the end of the day on both the good and the bad and not still carrying what’s not necessary the next day.

Know when to let go

There was something else rather profound that occurred though. When the thing I had been carrying for my friend started to weigh me down I had the courage to set even that down and leave it behind.

This was magnified when a very dear friend of 40 years, who had been ill for some time, passed away whilst I was on the journey. Previously I had picked up a beautiful heart shaped stone that I carried with me as it felt like it was part of my journey..

When I heard of his passing, it was fitting to place the heart along the journey in his memory. I did so in a quiet spot that felt right and held a quiet ceremony.  It actually felt like I had released the burden..

What are you carrying for someone else?

When you care for someone there is a time for bearing the load they may want you to and taking on the extra weight, even though you know it is weighing you down. In times that you are suffering the pain of your own trauma however, you need to know that your focus has to turn back on you and you need to release that extra burden.

I have learned as an experienced Trauma Release Facilitator that being there for those who matter is noble and right but, when your own heart is breaking – let go and focus on dealing with your own pain. After all two wounded hearts don’t make a whole one!

My business Self and More focusses on the release of trauma and holistic physical and mental wellness though various body mind and soul techniques. Watch this space for more about my insightful journey and contact me if you wish to start today to take your own journey to discover your full potential! 

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