On feeling overwhelmed: an overheard conversation

"No, not really...I've just been feeling, I don't know, overwhelmed I think," Maggie said, mentally shrugging off the thought as if it were a nothing thing. They stared at each other across the restaurant table, over a tray of rusks.  The late afternoon...

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Urban war-zones, trauma and release.

In October this year, a group of TRE® practitioners began a six-week group session with 53 ladies from Bonteheuwel, in the so-called "urban war-zone area" of the Cape Flats. Started in 2007 and calling themselves the Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies, they began...

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There’s magic everywhere.

Here we are again, at the end of another year. If I knew where all the time went, I would bottle it and put it on shelf, ready to hand it over to the next person who needs it 🙂 While we each personally have a reason to remember 2016, 2016 may very well...

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